Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hello 2009!

Well I havn't yet got an army up and going yet. Drats.

But I have partaken in an Awesome Apocalypse 40k game which saw the combined forces of good win 5-0! yeay!

Which inspired me even more to get myself an army happening.

So to allow me to field a variety of options and use a set colour scheme and theme to my army I am building the 4th company Ultramarines!!

To help me along the way Nick James has started up a Salamander army which is looking amazing!! But unfortunately with the whole world economics collapsing I had not enough work and now too much work! But beggers can't be choosers!

But happily I have almost finished building a 5 man assault squad (I only need to clean 2 sets of grenades and flock the bases!!) and have a 5 man scout squad built and awaiting some green stuff "U"s which I should be able to knock over in a few hours if my green stuff hasn't gone off!

I'm really happy with the models so far and am starting work on a tactical squad next whilst i build up a few more scouts.

I've got the colour scheme sussed and have the all new all flashy all wow spray gun ready to base coat the little suckers!!

I havn't yet written a list as im finding that a bit too hard so I have instead written up the company which will give me more options as I get them all built. Happily I havn't yet lost focus and am planning the next army without it hindering this army which is a first for me! And a happy one at that. (on that note does anyone have any spare marauder horsemen heads I could pilfer?? I gotta get the stock pile started)

So that's my intro to my hobby attempt for this year. Closest thing I have to a New Year's Resolution, but hopfully it will become a reality!

Next post I'll put up my company list and hopefully some photos.

HH5, Dj.

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