Thursday, April 29, 2010

My First Tournament! Day One, Part One

Hey there guys,

I found a few blog entries unpublished and half finished as I was having computer troubles at the time and was unable to upload images so I'll finish them off and put them up. Apologies for the lateness.

Well I survived my first official tournament, Clash of the Titans run by the Cherrybrook Tech Adepts! I entered in Blood Bowl taking a Human Team with my only practise being a few games on the xbox. Although they were unpainted I had stayed up all night writing lists, printing off rules and filing and gluing models as to not miss the getting to bed at 3am before a 7am wake up experience. Max came along with me for the fun of it and to act as a chauffeur to my sleep deprived body for the Saturday.

I played three games on the Saturday and two on the Sunday. I had a heap of fun and met some really great guys there who were all really accepting of me as a new player and gave me a bunch of hints and tips along the way which was really awesome of them!

On to the match ups!!

First off my Middenheim Marauders!! and my freshly bought Blood Bowl dice kindly supplied by my local NAF representative!! (who happened to be my second opponent?)

As you can see I have gone for a sleek pewter just out of the box look but I labelled them as to make it easier for everyone as to who is who. It was a 1.1 million resurrection league so I played with:

1: Lineman with Strip Ball
2: Lineman with Strip Ball
3: Lineman with Block
4: Lineman with Block
5: Lineman
6: Blitzer with Block and Tackle
7: Blitzer with Block and Tackle
8: Blitzer with Block and Strip Ball
9: Catcher with Catch, Dodge and Block
10: Catcher with Catch and Dodge
11: Thrower with Sure Hands, Pass and Accurate
12: Thrower with Sure Hands, Pass and Leader
with two extra Re-Rolls (three all up including the Leader skill)

Game One: Dwarves

This was actually Mike the Tourney Organiser playing as a bye-buster and he wrote this list up right before we kicked off. Considering it wasn't his team he did well to get them up and running so quickly.

His list was 2 Troll Slayers both with Mighty Blow
2 Blitzers with Guard
A Thrower with Leader
6 Blockers (1 with Kick and 1 with Guard)
and 3 Re-rolls

I grabbed a few photos as the games went along but didn't want to slow things down too much so there isn't a complete coverage unfortunately.

First Turn, First Half, First Game: Injury....

As you can see things can change very quickly on the Blood Bowl Pitch in one turn. This wasn't going to be an easy game. Unsurprisingly Mike's Team raked up the highest number of casualties. He managed to put down 18 players and suffer only 6 in response which was quite impressive!

You can see here an attempted 1 turn touchdown as I finally forced Mike to score to give myself a chance but the Kick Off table wasn't kind to me this time. (there's a chance for an extra turn!)

I'm actually pretty happy with the ball turnaround and getting men into the spaces they needed to be but the buzzer went right after this play so no chance for the TD. (Touchdown)

Second Half: After a quick snap and push back by my front row I had the ball in my end zone and a catcher in his.

After a bit of running and some nice long passing I had the ball here about 6 squares from a nice TD!!

Not too shabby for a newbie if I do say so. Unfortunately I'm not yet a staller and able to hold out the defence like the other guys and so put the ball down over the line (rather than loose it) and try for a quick turn around but against Dwarves, that wasn't happening. Pretty sure he put another one down against me here.

Result: Loss 2:1

Monday, April 19, 2010

Fantasy Game Changer and Update

Well Bloggers,

It looks like we'll be seeing a new edition of Fantasy this July!

So the real question is which army to work on!

A bit of house keeping....
Little Max and were planning on doing Fleet in a Week were we build and paint up the beginnings of our Battlefleet Gothic armies but unfortunately the Forge World order has been held up so we won't be starting it until Max receives his fleet from forgies.

Looking at the poll the Space Wolves and Salamanders have come in pretty close to each other with the Ultramarines loosing their early lead. As such I think I will paint my fleet in Space Wolves colours and probably add in a few Salamander Battle Barges for fun!

In other news hobby has been fairly slow the last few weeks due to hectic work and finishing up uni requirements but I am hoping to get some done in the coming weeks. Until then some games of Incursion should keep Max and I going.