Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fenrisian Wolves Conversion

Hi everyone,
Today I thought I would post up my Fenrisian Wolf Conversion!!

As you can probably tell these are based off of a Chaos Warhound with the tail from the Goblin Wolf Rider Box. I chopped the tab off of the wolf tail and then carved down the sides of the tail to get it to fit quite snuggly in the gap in the warhound for the tail. This also gives it more connection for the glue to work and allows you a fair bit of control over its final positioning. I got the idea from Gw Chatswood as the boys there had built some but for the tails they used the wolf tail talisman from the Wolf Pack box. I think they looked pretty good but I wanted a longer tail to be more wolf-esq even those these things are some crazy xenos wolf.

I've used the green stuff to pad out the stomach area to give the animal a bit more bulk and to create fur on the rest of the body. I quite like the bulkiness of the original fur as it looks like a mane to my mind.

This was my first time greenstuffing again for some time and possibly my first ever doing fur so I was quite happy with the results. I laid down a thin sheet of green stuff over the area I wanted to create fur on and went from there. I had to add a bit of extra fur to one of the legs as the green stuff stopped too high and it looked a bit strange and the other leg just looked better. What do you guys think? Any tips or hints I should check out?

So far I only have one completed but I have another two ready for some green stuff action.
I'm not sure yet how I will cover up the scales some of the hounds have far down their legs but I figure I will do the rest of them first then worry about it. I might have a bit more tidying up of the model as I removed the spines but these are hard to remove fully. As you can see below I have used the hobby knife to clean them up a fair bit but after seeing this photo I think I might need to fix him up a little more.

Also do you think I should add green stuff to the tail to make it shaggy like the fur on the body or do you like him as is?
Thanks guys!

There's also some great conversion ideas for Wolves of Fenris over at B+C. I really like their current wolfy theme!


  1. As soon as I saw these pics I thought exactly what you added as ur last point.
    They look rad man. The fur seems to have turned out really well though looks better in the flesh =] the pics don't ever quite do it justice.

    I'm thinking that a shaggy tail might actually make them look even nicer than they already are...

    Though considering it wasn't me doing the green stuff work I'm not sure how much longer it might take you or if it'll be difficult to do... I says give it a go tomorrow if ur up to it =]

  2. That's definately an idea worth pinching - it looks wicked.

  3. @ Little Max

    Thanks man. But the last pict worries me that when I paint it the left over from the spines will show up more...

    Yeah I'm not sure if I want to redo them or not.. Maybe I should paint him up first and then decide?? I just bet after I finish them all Gw will make an Awesome kit which will blow mine out of the water and require me to get them. Ahh well more pups! Can't be a bad thing!

    I think maybe I will paint him up first and see how he looks as I really need to do some GS work on the Ultramarines....

    @ Rogue Pom

    At first I had a brain freeze and thought your name was Rogal Dorn!!

    Thanks man. The idea wasn't entirely mine to begin with but I knew I didn't want to use the regular wolves as they need a bit of an update, the hounds of Orion are too much like a shaggy grey hounds (compared to fenrisian wolves) and the Ogre Hunters sabretooths were too catty. This and there are only two poses of them.

    Let us know how you go with them!

    I am thinking of attempting converting two "Alpha" Fenris Wolves out of the White Lions Chariot kit for my Wolf Lord. Just so they stand out that bit more from the others and so they are uber scary!

  4. I would use green stuff to add ears to help cover up the part where the horns got chopped off...but great job!

  5. Yeah the one at chatswood store had sculpted ears and I much preferred them with out. Its also quicker not to do so and since they are some crazy massive xenos wolf with a shaggy big mane you wouldn't even see them. :D