Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ultramarines Movie


So we are actually getting a Warhammer 40k movie!! That's totally awesome!!

But they will have high exceptions to live up to but I think the Dawn of War series were well done, especially no. 2.

There's not much to go on over at their official website but I've signed up for updates so hopefully I'll hear when things start happening.

The guys making it have only listed the Bionicle movies as their other works. Although they obviously aren't my thing and I haven't actually watched them from what i have seen they are pretty well done. i just hope they will be able to do the gritty, gothic 40k universe justice. Maybe they are working with the guys making the Space Marine game as that looks pretty nice!

Here's hoping to an Awesome movie, lots of Dvd sales which then leads to more Awesome 40k movies!!

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