Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Next Step

Well the next thing I need to pick up is two of these sets.

I was worried about how I was going to store the Space Hulk minis as they are so dynamic I doubted that I could fit them into a normal case safely. I probably could if I cut out about half the foam but that kinda kills the whole purpose of the foam for protection.

I was thinking that since I would definitely get two of these sets that at the same time I might get some of the foam protection for my Imperial Guard army.
I think the 432 and the 216 look to be the best sizes for me as the 1520 seems crazy huge!! And I can always get one later on... maybe for apoc and baneblade needs as they arise.

I like the idea of using the 216 for transportation of my specialist game armies, like Blood Bowl, Necromunda and hopefully my upcoming Flames of War army. Whilst I will use the 432 for my Imperial Guard and other similar sized armies with unique needs. I still have a number of Gw cases that ill use but i hate the idea of just cutting half the foam out of them to use them as it can really weaken the foam especially when it comes to tanks, etc removing the base layer of foam. I may even get one just to transport my vehicles in as the Space Marines and Guard have some pretty unique shapes that these guys seemed to have catered for fairly well.

Now my biggest problem is waiting for my tax return to come in and deciding what I will need in the case?
I need some Valks, Russes and Chimeras/Trucks along with my troops and heavy weapons....
Ill have to figure it out over the next few days.

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