Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Army Progression Checklist September 2009

Future Armies
Vostroyans - 17th Fighting Dogs, 9th Combat Engineers and 025th Armoured Corps
Built - one squad built
Painting Scheme - decided: one half as standard (bryan cook style) and one half as combat engineers as seen in the tandaris campaign
Basing Scheme - decided: city fight rubble, mostly industrial and city rubble

Built - test model and chaplain
Painted - test model begun
Painting Scheme - in progress
Basing Scheme - orange/brown soil and yellow/burnt tall grass

Space Wolves - awaiting new releases!
Painting Scheme - newer codex grey based scheme
Basing Scheme - winter themed bases

Grey Knights
Painting Scheme - based on minivault scheme with a touch of purple to tie together Inq forces
Basing Scheme - plasticard tiling (Very time consuming) with small amounts of dirt and rubble (possibly with some snow)

Sisters of Battle
Painting Scheme - based on order of the bloody rose but purple tips rather than blue
Basing Scheme - plasticard tiling

Inquisitorial Stormtroopers
Painting Scheme - based on minivault scheme
Basing Scheme - plasticard tiling

Inquisitorial Space Marines - Chapter 616
Painting Scheme - combination of sisters of battle and black templar
Basing Scheme - colour scheme to match other Inq forces but otherwise undecided. possibly rubble.

Blood Pact

Future Armies
Painting Scheme - Middenland and Middenheim
Basing Scheme - Winter themes bases from the storm of chaos campaign

Wood Elves
Painting Scheme - Undecided
Basing Scheme - forest floor

Painting Scheme - Flesh mix created, clothes codex grey and graveyard earth, purple tattoos
Basing Scheme - general plains and long grasses

Skaven - awaiting new releases!
Lizardmen - Mazdamundi's army

Human Blood Bowl Team - The Cougar-Wolves
Space Hulk - awaiting new releases!

Battle Companies of Rohan and Gondor
Urak-hai of Isenguard

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