Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Army Progression Checklist September 2009

Hi all,

I'm going to post up my current army progression checklist and every six months update it so I can keep track of my progress (or lack there of). Ill try and keep it all the same format for easy updating and ease of reading:

Warhammer 40K
Ultramarines - 4th Company
Built - roughly 800pts built and based with two tactical squads almost built
Painted - test model almost finished, assault squad base colour and wash applied
Painting Scheme - decided: based on Captain Sicarius Masterclass article
Basing Scheme - decided: slate with fine sand (then grass flock or snow)

Imperial Guard - Tandarian
Built - three squads built with heavy weapons, Converted Leman Russ and Chimera almost complete
Painted - None
Painting Scheme - urban colour scheme: not yet decided upon possibly similar to urban tau scheme from eastern empire or dave taylors 144th cadian diorama
Basing Scheme - urban basing scheme: not yet decided upon

Warhammer Fantasy
Empire - Von Schleickenhammer's Vampire Hunters (including Sylvanian and Stirland Forces)
Built - 15 hand gunners, warrior priest
Painted - Just about to start test models

Painting Scheme - Sylvanian colours as seen in heraldry book and WD articles and units of renoun such as the Essen Death Heads
Painting Scheme - Stirland, and Stir River Patrol
Basing Scheme - soil, undead and grasses

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