Friday, September 25, 2009

Assembling the New Wolf Guard!!

Hi Happy Bloggers!!

Today I got the esteemed pleasure of building the new plastic Wolf Guards for my local Gw store!! I had to follow their army list but other than that I pretty much got free reign in building them with a few pose tweeks from Deke. I've got to say these are gorgeous models!! Great fun to build with oodles of extra bitz. I really wanted to use the Wolf Pack wolf helmet with the final terminator with Wolf Claws but they were already used so I'll have to keep one spare when I build my guys!

These models were so fun to build I think I will be getting a few more packs than I need, including making some for extra Space Hulk Missions! You really have got to check out the Assault Cannon on these miniatures! He has a chain fed ammo feeder which gives him a huge amount of bulk and makes him look UNSTOPPABLE!! When you see this model in person check out how the belt feeder and ammo box attach to the armour's exhaust and power outlet (the oval containing two circles) on his lower back. It just plugs straight into his grille and power outlet and is super snug and flush. :) It's quite ingenious! Imagine attaching him to your 6 man Long Fang unit.... Ouch!
(When assembling him consider pinning him as he is so heavy its pretty hard to get him to stay in the correct position whilst he is drying even when you lay him down!)

There's a sculpted shoulder pad for Deathwolf's Company!! But it's half covered with fur :(
I put it on the Assault Cannon Wolf Guard since he is my favourite! :D
There's also a sculpted shoulder pad for Logan's Company (pre-wolf lord) and the Space Wolves icon and enough Wolfy Crux Terminatus for all five models.

There's also a drinking horn to match that of Canis Wolfborn's to further the tie in to Deathwolf's Great company. And of course there is always the obligatory Wolf Tails, Wolf Skulls and those other bitz that must come with the Space Wolves! There are even some tiny wolf skulls attached to arms, cabling and shoulder pads that include the detail of cavities left by missing teeth, really have a close look at some of the details on these guys. You won't be disappointed!

The only quibble is I'd like to see a few more head options but when combined with the Space Wolf Pack this isn't so much of an issue. I'd also like to see all of the great companies get a shoulder pad then you could swap with mates to get a full pack with the correct shoulder pads! (I'm probably just being greedy but hey I can dream! It's my wish list!)

Some seriously fun miniatures and conversions to be had!
Any Questions about assembling them or the box's content I'll do my best to answer!!
Thanks Guys!!

Also how did I go on my first real attempt at model photography? I think the store's lighting did most of the work though... Any tips for improvement?

Group Shot

Pack Leader with Thunderhammer, Storm Shield and Bear Cloak (and Bear Loincloth! :D )

Wolf Guard with Assault Cannon and Powerfist (Check out that sweet Belt Feeder)

Wolf Guard with Twin Wolf Claws

Wolf Guard with Frost Axe and Stormbolter

Second Wolf Guard with Twin Wolf Claws

Ps... I saw Canis Wolfborn in person. He looks a lot better than in the photos so I'll have to wait to see him fully painted up before I make up my mind on him but I'll definitely be getting one! One of the guys from our store is getting 11!! He's running the Canis Army with Fenrisian Wolves so no Objective claiming for him!!

Also the Cloak of the Doppelgrangrel from Lukas the Trickster is beautiful!! If you get to see it properly you will notice it actually has six limbs and tyranid-esq spinal scales and tail. Painted up it looks really nice and I think I will be adding one to one of my Rune Priests. I don't think it will be a very hard conversion as long as my Priest has the right pose to begin with.


  1. Bastard!! I now officually hate you DJ... ;-)
    I don't think I'm going to able to resist the wolf call for long, got to check out the regular sprues at GW marion on Tuesday and Wow they blew my mind and since Ive been itching to to get a look at the new termis... I know it's going to happen at some point because I'm already looking at great comapany colour schemes i like...

  2. lol... Thanks Jase... I think....

    Yeah they really are some hot minis. Like I said I cant wait to splice them with the Wolf Pack kit and maybe even the normal terminators after a bit of chopping and mixing up their poses. I think the termies are even more of a leap forward than the Wolf Pack, but having said that its not that far ahead since the Pack box is so nice already! :)

    The bear loincloth and cape look so nice. They've even modelled the holes from missing teeth and if I recall correctly the ribbing along the top of the palette.

    So which great company are you looking at??

  3. Well now you've got no excuse for urs to be any less cool!
    Looking forward to seeing some of ur pups yapping about before the flashlights of the archenemy and my battle-psykers hiding in a nice and mutated chimera =P

    We both MUST have a playable 1000pts by the end of summer!

  4. I know. I pretty much just want to copy exactly a few of them as I really love how they turned out! I'll just have to zap them with my rune priests then huh?

    I WILL have a playable 1000pts of Ultramarines by the beginning of December! That includes greenstuff work and all that done and at least base coated and then fully painted by end of Feb at the latest!!

    I also hope to have either the Space Wolves, Imperial Guard or Empire up and running by then and then will get them painted...

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