Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Blogs

Well Little Max and Josh Davy have both kicked off their blogs!!

Both are great guys who are always up for a hobby and we will hopefully see some of their great stuff!

Little Max - as seen here - is working on his Imperial Fists and Traitor Legion Guardsmen.
Josh Davy is working on his Vampire Counts army.

Congratulations and welcome to the world of blogs!
Check them out as they get their blogs kicked off and up and running!

Also my friend Strider has returned to us from his long holiday so I'm expecting to see plenty of Hobby from him!!

Little Max has just been added in spot number two in the FTW Tuesday top ten!!
Nice work man and after only one day of having your blog up and running!!

Also Gw has posted their Space Hulk FAQ here. Unfortunately it doesn't cover a few things that I know have been causing issues amongst some people who have a different take on the rules to everyone else...

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