Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Temporary Hiatius

Hey bloggers,

I'm currently sitting in a transit lounge up in Darwin waiting on word of what is happening with our flight. We've already been held over 24 hours and are waiting to see if it'll be another 24 hours... The reason I'm heading overseas is for work which will see me away for around a month to two. During this time it is doubtful I will have much Internet access so unfortunately the posts will be fairly light.

But instead of wasting this time I'm using my new hp mini to read up on the Rogue Trader Roleplay rules and adventures because when I'm back I will be kicking off an adventure. It will be my first time GMing so fingers crossed for me and the lads.

When I'm back I will definitely be checking out everyone's blogs to see what they have been up to.

As I'm writing this a RAAF C130 has just landed about 60 metres from us with a bunch of Navy personnel. Cool.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hey bloggers,

No that isn't a reference to our favourite greenskins heading off to conquer a new galaxy, it's the noise I'm currently making with all that's been going on lately! I went to put a post up the other day but blogger was down so apologies for that missed post but wow what a week its been.

On the home front I've been tidying/organising my hobby lair/study which has made my girlfriend somewhat happier. I don't have any images for you yet as it's still a work in progress but after quite a few trips to IKEA I have pretty much all the shelving I could need (well fit into the room to be precise). Once I have the desk cleared I will have to start looking for some paint storage/display options. Does anyone have a system they like or can recommend? I don't want them in a case as I think that will be harder whilst I'm in the middle of a painting frenzy to stop and swap colours, esp with the addition of non Gw paints with which I'm not fully used to yet. Please comment away!

I actually put some paint to model the Friday before last! I'll tell you it's been a while but man was it good to get back on that bike, shaky as I was. As such I worked on painting up my Tandarians as there are plenty of guardsmen who need some love but don't require the level I will put into my marines or other more elite armies, well elite compared to guard infantry.

We have Forgeworld Chaos Dwarfs coming our way and damn do they look nice. Some really great ideas and models there. I love the inscriptions on the inside of their shoulder pads and the totem on top of their standard bearer. New Dark Eldar were released but without the uber fliers we were expecting. That's cool, just another nice mini to await release. Damn it's looking more and more like I'll need to collect Dark Eldar. That's something I might do when I'm sent North for six months at the end of the year and beginning of next (don't worry, it's for work not an exile imposed by my missus). Since I will be away from all my hobby mates and hobby supplies and minis I figured I might start a totally new army which I don't need anything else for. So pretty much nothing Imperial really, or in power armour. Not that I'm not looking for some new Northern Hobby mates when that time comes!

Maelstrom Games has their new sales restraints imposed in a few short weeks which I will be away for whilst it happens. Not that I won't still support them through their other systems but after losing Flames of War and Gw it's really limiting what I can get from them.

Finally Finecast has come. This will be a talking point for sometime I'm sure especially since the speed between the announcement of such a major change in such a casual manner hasn't given everyone enough time to digest how this will affect things. Most people are probably just looking at what they buy as now being resin rather than metal. sure it'll be lighter and easier to cut but will it be brittle? If I drop my Wood Elf Dragon is it more likely to shatter or to loose the tips of its horns than the metal one? How are Gw staff going to teach Timmy Ten-year-old hold to build his new character when he hasn't built any himself? Is it safe to? So can we work on Forgeworld and other resin pieces in-store now? Do we all need to wear dust masks when in store working on our new models?

I'm sure you can see some of the implications of these sorts of questions and the big shift in how the stores are currently run to allow for this new material. And if it is a wonder hybrid of plastic and resin how do we work with it? Glue it? Will it melt whilst filing? Will it jump down our lungs and murder us as soon as look at it? (I'm sure it won't but that's how some stores treated Forgeworld when it was starting to appear at their hobby tables) And I'm sure for many others this won't spell the end of metal models. I have a back log of Gw metal models like you wouldn't believe, not just a whole host of characters and elite units but Vostroyans, Steel Legion, Praetorians and Sisters of Battle. Then there are the other companies that make pretty toys which I collect, more casually sure but there isn't a model made for Incursion that I won't buy at least twice (and have already done so or plan to do)!

Alot of stuff going on and still mulling over what has just happened, but the first thing I'll be doing is thinking if there is anything I need from Maelstrom.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Charities and layout

Hey bloggers,

I've been out at a RAAF base today re-qualifying for the Austeyr and have had a pretty good day. I just wanted to bring your attention to some of the changes to the blog's layout. I'm still tinkering away with it and any feedback is more than welcome, just leave it in the comments. But I ask that you check out two charity projects LiveStrong Wargaming Project run through Miniature Wargame Conversions who are also running Pay it Forward where there is a Forgeworld Mars Pattern Warhound Titan to be won!

This is the same LiveStrong endorsed by Lance Armstrong and looks at helping those affected by cancer. One of the great things about this project is that anyone can get involved! Big or small, everything helps and it's simple to get involved. Just sell any unwanted hobby or make a special piece and sell it through eBay's Giving Works with the proceeds of those sales going to LiveStrong. There's already the first piece going up on eBay over at Red Corps Red Scorpions page. Check out the links and you'll quickly get how it works and how this can be really easy to join in. Heck just bid on and buy an item and you're helping out!

And The Heroes of Armageddon Collaborative Army Build brought to you by the guys who were responsible for the Storm Wardens Collaborative Army Build. The Storm Warden Army Project produced an amazing looking army with a whole host of customised accessories and giveaways along the way including the art for the project. It had an amazing level of support from some of our favourite online hobby stores and raised an astounding $16,107 for Doctors without Borders. This time is no different except that they have four armies underway for the project! The earlier you get involved the more draws and chances to win you have. Definitely something to keep an eye on with that much hobby happening, especially considering the number and type of accessories. They had stuff I didn't even know I wanted until I saw it! They already have custom dice made up.

These charity projects show just how amazing our community can be and by giving you end up with awesome hobby. Check out those links and have a think if you've got something to give or if there's a model or army out there that you want.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Black Crusade

Hi bloggers,

Just a quick one here, I don't know if you had all seen this already but it was news to me when I found it and a pleasant surprise at that! Fantasy Flight Games is releasing the fourth of their 40k roleplay games Black Crusade.

As you can probably guess from it's name it's all about taking on the role of the minions of chaos with images showing corrupted guardswomen, an assassin about to take out some Sisters of Battle with a melta-bomb, a corrupted priest and a dark mechanicum techpriest.

This looks to be really kick arse and will probably fill that niche our gaming group has of killing everything that breathes whilst sending ourselves insane and corrupt.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Hi bloggers,

I don't know how many of you have seen Troll Hunter yet but it is an awesome movie set in modern day Norway about a group of film makers following around an old bear poacher when they discover something more....

It goes back to the origins of trolls and they look and feel authentic. They are legitimate Norwegian Trolls and look just like those books everyone grew up with such as Brian Froud and Wil Huygen's works. I can't recommend seeing this movie enough! Now that I am on the look out for all things troll I have just come across some amazing troll miniatures over at Warploque Miniatures. These guys hark back to those Norwegian style trolls, nothing chaotic or warped about them just honest to goodness trolls. I really think I will need to pick up a set.

He also has a dragon he is trying to get cast up over here with two different head variants and has just finished up a Death Kiwi. Definitely someone to keep an eye on.

Has anyone gotten any models from Warploque? Thoughts?

Entertaining Discerning Guests

Heya bloggers,

Well I've gotten my camera back so hopefully over this week I'll be able to take some photos of what I've been working on lately to catch you all up to date. In other news it looks like I might be starting to host more mini evenings. Not 40k events but hobby sessions and just hanging out as I've been away from Sydney for a while for work and now I'm back we are making it more hobby friendly. It's not by any means fully ready to go but we've had a few games of incursion and the like.

As it looks like I may be playing host a bit more I decided to invest in a few other games that can be played with limited space when we get sick of hobby (not that that happens too often). So today I picked up Munchkin Zombie and Munchkin Booty to do just that. I had picked up the expansions to Munchkin Booty earlier in the year when Tin Soldier in the city closed down and had been meaning to pick it up for some time now. We were in Chatswood today and so I went to look at Games Chain who stock a great range of boardgames, card games and roleplay games. I wasn't really going there to buy anything but I saw it and thought I may as well as I have just been paid and then I saw the gem next to it. Sold!

One of the cool things about the Munchkin series is you can mix the series together. Zombie Pirates anyone?? I'm looking to get the Munchkin Cthulhu series next... *evil grin*

Anyone else a Munchkin fan? I've only played it the once before at a friend's place and loved it. Which is your favourite series? Leave a comment and let me know.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Hobby Tools and Fighting Gum Disease

Hey bloggers,

Just a quick one here. Whenever I am hobbying with someone new I always get the same question with the same incredulous tone and look. Have a look at my photo and have a guess what it is...

Why do you have a toothbrush? Every time without fail bar none. I'll be asked the question back to back by two different people. I think I've had it four or five times in one hour at it's worse. Accordingly my answer has become fairly express and economic. It's something along the lines of...

You know how when you clean a model how there's always little bits of plastic stuck on the model? Well I use the toothbrush to get rid of them. Plus I don't risk spitting all over my model (by blowing them away).

I find the toothbrush to be really good at removing those bits of plastic that blowing them off wouldn't get that are still slightly attached to the model. Also you're not blowing around all the bits of plastic already on the desk and avoid the chance of it being blown back into your eyes (I've seen this happen and experienced it). And like I said no saliva.

The pleasant part of this exchange is that the majority of people then say after something along the lines of...

Wow! That's a really good idea.

Followed by some of them then saying...

I'm going to get one too now.

As such, a number of my friends carry or use a toothbrush since I started doing this and it's proven usefully for random jobs such as cleaning up resin pieces and even for terrain building. I've always found it a handy thing to have with me when I'm hobbying. Just don't get one with the rubber bits in it. All bristles is the way to go and is cheaper and easier to clean.

Do you carry a toothbrush with your hobby gear? Or some other tool or item that's somewhat different to the norm? Let me know via comments.

Incursion on a Saturday Afternoon

Hi bloggers,

So Saturday Max came over and we had another game of Incursion. We played the third mission and I decided to take an APE Blazer for the first time to try them out (a flame-thrower). Now unlike Space Hulk he's not limited in his fuel, this bad boy came to fight. With enough Action Points (AP) and Command Points (CP) you fill the board around you with flames and help to halt the advance of zombies.

So for those of you unfamiliar with Incursion it works quite similarly to Space Hulk. Each action a model takes costs a certain number of points; moving forward is 1 AP, throwing a grenade is 2 AP and so on.

Each model has an AP value determining how many actions they can take normally, now this can be altered by the cards you draw each turn or added to by CP. CP is a pool of points, determined by how large the mission is, which you can allocate to your models to take them far beyond what they can normally do. At the beginning of a turn you can secretly bid your CP to allow you to take your turn first but obviously this leaves you without them during that turn win or lose. CP can additionally be used to "kill" cards that are played either as events or on characters (both yours and your opponents).

Everything started off fine with the flamer effectively shutting down Max's ability to bring on zombies as they would be melted down into Tyler Durden's favourite source material as soon as they stepped into the flames. But since my APEs are so slow compared to Ilsa and the Blitzhund they were able to get moving away from the flamer. Since you can control the shape of the flame within line of sight you can ensure you are able to block off a room's entrances.

The Blazer slowly advancing forward managed to take down the Blitzhund (who had been shot previously by the APE by himself) and wound Ilsa. Unfortunately for me Max had a hidden tunnel card and set one up right behind me and ran zombies at all my APE suits managing to take a wound off the APE supporting the Blazer. I then beat them back in my next turn expending my CP to ensure I would be safe during his turn only to have a Booby Trap card played against the same APE and with Max only rolling sixes whenever he tried to wound me he pulled down my APE suit.

After Ilsa grabbing the Pinger (the Mission's objective is to get it off the board) more zombies raced towards the isolated APE from the Trap Door and without the fire support from the now extinct APE they managed to pull him down under the weight of their attacks. So down to just the Blazer I had to knock out the Trap Door and focus on pulling down the much more nimble and deadly Ilsa.

After doing so with a possible victory in my grasp Max played a brilliant series of cards meaning I just couldn't bring Ilsa down before she could win the game for Max. As a Cave In occurred blocking the Blazer's line of sight Ilsa also had Blaze of Glory played on her meaning if I or the flames I had lit were to kill her she would instantly activate and have a full turn of AP to spend on her before she died meaning she could sprint off the board no matter what happened.

After bidding everything I had to take first turn I killed her Blaze of Glory with a SNAFU but Max drew and was able to play it again thanks to Ilsa's ability to draw an extra card every turn. This was the final nail in my coffin as Ilsa was able to stroll off the table to victory.

 Max's final hand of cards.

With Ilsa stacked with 3 wound counters a Blaze of Glory ensured her victory unless I could strip it before her death. Alas it was not to be.

Again this was another great game and just cemented with Max and I how good this game is. I will have to get a start on assembling my models once the expansion SNAFU gets here with all of its other goodies!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tandarian Army, 1750pts List

Hi there bloggers,

On Saturday I went back to my parents' house for a visit and found my Imperial Guard List for my Tandaris force. I still haven't fully filled out their back story but they are a light armoured/semi mechanised force that escaped the destruction of their home planet by the forces of Nurgle and the Plague Virus. They were withdrawn along with the Vostroyan regiments sent in and since their home planet has been lost they now operate with and administratively come under the command of those Vostroyans. In many ways they mimic the Vostroyans in terms of structure and tactics, this is through necessity as much as choice since any resupply of equipment and arms now comes from the Vostroyans. Where as the Vostroyan's equipment are heirlooms of magnificent craftsmanship the Tandarian equipment are those produced by the Vostroyan forges to some of the highest standards in the Imperium. Both armies boast such wonders as the Leman Russ Battle Tank as no Son of Vostroya would leave such a valuable new found ally without the best equipment, but compared to the ancient Machine Spirits of the Vostroyan tanks there can be no compare.

HQ - Company Command Squad with Regimental Standard, Power Weapon and 3 Flamers - 90

Elite - Storm Trooper Squad with 2 Meltaguns - 105

Elite - Psyker Battle Squad with Overseer and 6 Psykers and Chimera - 135

Troops - Platoon Command Squad with 4 Flamers - 50

Troops - Infantry Squad with Autocannon and Grenade Launcher - 65

Troops - Infantry Squad with Autocannon and Grenade Launcher - 65

Troops - Infantry Squad with Lascannon and Sniper Rifle - 75

Troops - Special Weapon Squad with 3 Flamers - 50

Troops - Veteran Squad with 3 Meltaguns and Chimera - 155

Troops - Veteran Squad with 3 Meltaguns and Chimera - 155

Fast Attack - Valkyrie with Multi Rocket Pods and Heavy Bolters - 140

Fast Attack - Vendetta with Heavy Bolters - 140

Fast Attack - 2 Armoured Sentinels with Autocannons - 120

Heavy Support - Leman Russ with Lascannon and Heavy Bolters - 185

Heavy Support - Leman Russ Demolisher with Lascannon and Plasma Cannons - 220

By dropping the Armoured Sentinels and the Psyker Battle Squad and Chimera I get a tidy 1495pt army so I'm pretty happy with this list. Any ideas or comments?

Ultramarines 4th Company, 1500pts List

Hi again bloggers,

I thought I'd post up my 1500pt army list for my 4th Company Ultramarines which are currently in progress (along with a number of other projects, the curse of a hobbyist with SOS - Shiny Object Syndrome)

HQ - Librarian in Terminator Armour with Storm Shield - 140

Elite - Terminator Assault Squad with Thunderhammers and Storm Shields - 200

Troops - 10 man Tactical Squad with Missile Launcher, Meltagun, Combi-melta and Powerfist - 210

Transport - Razorback with Assault Cannons - 75

Troops - 10 man Tactical Squad with Multi-melta, Meltagun, Combi-melta and Melta Bombs - 190

Transport - Razorback with Assault Cannons - 75

Troops - 5 man Sniper Scout Squad with Missile Launcher, Combi-melta and Melta Bombs - 100

Fast Attack - Land Speeder Storm with Multi-melta - 65

Heavy Support - Land Raider Crusader with Multi-melta and Extra Armour - 275

Heavy Support - Whirlwind - 85

Heavy Support - Whirlwind - 85

So any thoughts or suggestions? I'm not entirely sure about the Missile Launcher in the Scout squad. I feel the 10 points might be better spent elsewhere. Also does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions for an Army List program? At the moment I'm just usuing Excel and want to hear of people's experiences as I'm sure there are better programs for it.

Around the World in 91 Blogs

Hey guys,

I've found another link to my Fenrisian Wolf Blogs. True Mini Wargamer has really taken the conversion up another level and I'm pretty keen to give this a try myself. They look really dynamic and are unmistakably wolfy. His greenstuff skills really make these models work even including the line around the mouth of the wolf, great stuff. Check out the final product on his blog.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter Weekend and ANZAC Day

Heya bloggers,

So I don't know about you but I've had a pretty busy Easter Weekend. I hope yours has been a good one. With the ANZAC Day march this morning I wasn't able to get any hobby done today but for the past few days I have gotten a bit done. I will hopefully have my camera back in the next few days but until then I have been using my iPhone camera so I'm sorry about the poor quality of some of them.

On Friday I played Cliff in a game of Incursion. We played the second mission with Cliff playing the Allies APE suits and I took the Germans with Isla Von X once again playing a starring role and providing herself to be invaluable. My first blitzhound was taken out early moments after Isla blew apart two APE suits! it looked to be going my way but holding my second Blitzhound back too long and playing Isla too timidly as well as Cliff's great gaming meant it was a really close game but a victory to him in the end, just closing the last airlock and winning the mission.

Previous to this game Cliff had just finished played Little Max and after these two games decided he's getting Incursion for himself. So tonight the three of us ordered the new SNAFU Pre-order deal. I can't wait to get my hands on all the new minis as well as an expasion book double the size of the current rulebook. We're getting it from the Australian distributor at the same price as we would from the American store, so hopefully we'll save a bit on the shipping.

Speak to you soon!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Out with the Old...

As you can see I'm in the process of updating the blog. I'm looking to make a fresh start to the blog and will be posting up a few pictures and events from last year which I didn't get a chance to put up due to all the crazyness that happened. I will be going away for around a month towards May/June but if I'm organised enough I'll preload some blogs and set them to auto-upload.

So what do you think of the new blog layout? Any more tweeks you can suggest?

Around the World in 90 Blogs

I just found this link to my blog. Wow! I didn't know I sounded so good in Spanish!

This is really awesome to find your stuff out there and definitely makes it all worthwhile, hopefully it gives people a few ideas or some inspiration. That and getting to share my hobby with mates and hopefully make a few more along the way definitely make this a lot of fun.

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Which Colour Scheme should I use??
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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cliff's Necrons

In other related hobby news my mate Cliff had his necrons featured on the Games Workshop Blog... Not too shabby mate!

I've always been quite impressed with his necrons and their non metallic colour scheme. One of his monoliths is all rigged up with programmable led's and a data port to do so. That's a bit beyond my abilities and patience but it's a pretty awesome army all round.

Friday, April 1, 2011

New Grey Knight Sprues!!

Hi there bloggers,

We have a lot of catching up to do but in the mean time look what arrived today! The start of my new and shiny Grey Knight army!

There's plenty of shots of the Terminator sprues floating about so I thought the power armoured marines might be of more interest to most people. It's what I opened up first.

There's a great level of detail on the minis just like the terminator sprues but I would have liked all the shoulder pads to have the carved script details like the terminators as opposed to the only one for the justicar. The plague bearer head looks awesome. Hopefully it's a prelude to plastic plague bearers as it looks like the current metal ones but is quite a bit nicer. All the parts are numbered on the sprue and the instructions are quite detailed as to how to assemble using the numbers. I usually clip out my marines into sorted bitz boxes but not for these guys as there are so many parts and the numbering would make a fair bit of difference during assembly with such detailed instructions.

Other than that I'll let the photos speak for themselves. So any questions or comments??

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Richard Winters Passes Away

I'm saddened to hear that Major Richard Winters has died. I'm sure most of you know of him and the courageous deeds he and his men carried out.

He is someone who I look to as an inspiration and I had always hoped to meet him one day. An outstanding man and amazing officer who served in a company of heroes.

He will be missed.