Friday, April 1, 2011

New Grey Knight Sprues!!

Hi there bloggers,

We have a lot of catching up to do but in the mean time look what arrived today! The start of my new and shiny Grey Knight army!

There's plenty of shots of the Terminator sprues floating about so I thought the power armoured marines might be of more interest to most people. It's what I opened up first.

There's a great level of detail on the minis just like the terminator sprues but I would have liked all the shoulder pads to have the carved script details like the terminators as opposed to the only one for the justicar. The plague bearer head looks awesome. Hopefully it's a prelude to plastic plague bearers as it looks like the current metal ones but is quite a bit nicer. All the parts are numbered on the sprue and the instructions are quite detailed as to how to assemble using the numbers. I usually clip out my marines into sorted bitz boxes but not for these guys as there are so many parts and the numbering would make a fair bit of difference during assembly with such detailed instructions.

Other than that I'll let the photos speak for themselves. So any questions or comments??

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