Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ultramarines 4th Company, 1500pts List

Hi again bloggers,

I thought I'd post up my 1500pt army list for my 4th Company Ultramarines which are currently in progress (along with a number of other projects, the curse of a hobbyist with SOS - Shiny Object Syndrome)

HQ - Librarian in Terminator Armour with Storm Shield - 140

Elite - Terminator Assault Squad with Thunderhammers and Storm Shields - 200

Troops - 10 man Tactical Squad with Missile Launcher, Meltagun, Combi-melta and Powerfist - 210

Transport - Razorback with Assault Cannons - 75

Troops - 10 man Tactical Squad with Multi-melta, Meltagun, Combi-melta and Melta Bombs - 190

Transport - Razorback with Assault Cannons - 75

Troops - 5 man Sniper Scout Squad with Missile Launcher, Combi-melta and Melta Bombs - 100

Fast Attack - Land Speeder Storm with Multi-melta - 65

Heavy Support - Land Raider Crusader with Multi-melta and Extra Armour - 275

Heavy Support - Whirlwind - 85

Heavy Support - Whirlwind - 85

So any thoughts or suggestions? I'm not entirely sure about the Missile Launcher in the Scout squad. I feel the 10 points might be better spent elsewhere. Also does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions for an Army List program? At the moment I'm just usuing Excel and want to hear of people's experiences as I'm sure there are better programs for it.

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