Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Archiving Polls

Which Army Should I Do in Preperation for 8th Ed??
Skaven - Winner
Vampire Counts

What Colour Scheme Should I Paint my BFG Fleet?
Space Wolves - Winner
Ultramarines 4th Company

Teamwork: I Like to Hobby
In a Big Group
With a Best Mate or Two - Winner
By myself

Which Colour Scheme should I use??
Dave Taylor
Simon Brown - Winner
Luther Blisset
Cadian VIII


  1. quite happy with the winner of the IG colour selection... My vet's may be going back to beige... but then looking at the job I did on this Serg makes me reconsider.... i just dont know what to do... really proud of him though

  2. Yeah I got such a great response to this poll but unfortunately it lost the results, I would have liked to include them. I really love your sergeant and even if you repaint your army you shouldn't touch him I think.

    I ended up almost doing one of each. My idea is the army is generally like Simon Brown's models, the armoured core have the same cloth colour but armour plates like yours and the air cav (valk crews, etc) have plates like Dave Taylor's. Was thinking vet's have black armour. Only working on the standard infantry so far so haven't gotten that far yet.

  3. cool, look forward to a post on it!

  4. I'm without a camera at the moment but will put it up once I've got it again and get them done. (working on a few other projects atm)