Saturday, May 22, 2010

Which Army Should I Do in Preperation for 8th Ed??

Hey there Bloggers,

Sorry for the distinct lack of posts at the moment but I've been fairly busy as the house is being painted, I'm going to the gym and for runs trying to get myself fit again, I've just graduated and the job I'm currently applying to has a pretty involved application process. I have been squeezing in some hobby and the Tandarian Army is starting to progress as I have been working on around 26 Guardsmen through their first few stages of painting. Once I have finished a few I'll make sure to post some pictures. And Fleet in a Week is just waiting for Max to jump on board (no pun there I promise)

Meanwhile I'm torn....
8th Edition is only a few short weeks away and I'm always missing out on games at the start of new Editions and Codex launches. I've heard a bunch of the rumours just like everyone else and it's kinda pointless speculating too much until we get the book in our hands and play that sucker through. But to do so you need an army and although Skaven started me off in the hobby I've only ever played with a small Wood Elf Army which isn't finished and that was some time ago.

So the Question is... What army should I get ready for 8th??
Sure it WON'T be finished (I'm not deluded) but at least I'll have a decent start to the army and if I focus on building then maybe I can get some smaller games happening to begin with.



Vampire Counts

All three have strong reasons and I'm pretty excited by all three at the moment and can give you big background stories to each of the armies (which I will do over the next few weeks) But the question is which one?? Poll in the usual position to be open until one month before the launch of 8th. I may break and start doing a bit of hobby in each until the poll closes but if one is clearly winning from early on I may just get a start on it!

Thanks Bloggers and I will document the process of this army much more closely as your reward for helping me to decide!!


  1. I've always been intrigued by Skaven. Now that they have new rules and models, what better time then the present!

  2. The first army I painted was Skaven. I painted them out to about 2250 points, with another 1750 or so still in boxes awaiting paint. They have a variety of fun weapons and a whole bunches of troops, sort of like a more evil version of Orcs & Goblins.

    More recently I've been working on an Empire force to battle my friend's Beastmen army. I've had great fun weaving the back-story for my army into the building of the figures themselves.

    Vampire Counts don't grab my interest at all for whatever reason. In the poll I voted Empire, but Skaven are pretty fun as well.

  3. Empire
    cant go wrong with an all plastic army

  4. Hmm, Seems to be a toss up between the Empire and Skaven. Kinda the same for me at the moment. Although I still want to do a "quick" VC army at some stage I'm leaning towards the Empire and Skaven.

    I may even work on both for a bit as I have tonnes of Empire models atm (probably almost enough for an entire army) where as I only have a box of clanrats and stormvermin of the new Skaven stuff. But after a few pays I'll be right on it!!