Monday, October 5, 2009

Alternative Fenrisian Wolves Conversion

Hey Guys,

Sorry the posts are a bit low currently but I'm in the last 3 weeks of Uni so as you can imagine it's pretty hectic but it will soon be all over!

In the mean time I present you with an alternative Fenrisian Wolf conversion by Franz! He said that it is a pretty time consuming conversion so he will probably only do two to accompany his wolf lord and any others will be like my ones to save on time and to also make the ones accompanying the Wolf Lord that much greater!

As you can see his conversion has the same basis as mine but he has replaced the head of the Chaos Warhound with that of the wolf from the Goblin wolf riders box. This is one of the best poses I think to show off the intimidating nature of the Fenris Wolves. Check him out about to rip the face off of a plague daemon!

And a size comparison next to a standard cadian guardsman.

I love the way the body of the wolf maintains a twist as he leaps through the air. The model is currently only held down by blue-tac so he can be made to be leaping higher it's just the tac couldn't hold his weight up like that.

Coming next from me: Ultramarine Assault Marines!


  1. This are very nice wolves, maybe I will steal the idea from you. The fur on head is different than on the body but it is not necessarily a weakness - it just makes him looking differently than an average Canis lupus, here on Earth...

  2. Yup, they would work perfectly.

  3. Very nice conversion! I could definitely see myself using that in my theoretical next army.

  4. Hey Thanks for the feedback guys!!

    Hey the whole of the hobby community just borrows and passes along ideas so there's really no stealing involved. It's not like I don't either :D

    Yeah I wanted the "mane" to be a bit chunkier than the rest of the model as these are xenos wolves rather than our little lupus breed and thought it added to their viciousness.