Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ultramarine Assault Squad

Hey happy bloggers,
Awesome I made the Tuesday Top Ten listing at number 2!!
And just the week after little Max did so also! :D I sense a friendly competition coming on...

So as promised and as a reward here are some shots of my WiP Ultramarine Assault squad!

Firstly my Veteran Sergeant. He is of course my favourite and possibly one of my favourites in the entire army. His storm shield is taken from the Assault Terminators but with an assault marine arm chopped to fit and the lightning claw is taken from the MKII Veterans. The head is taken from the Ravenwing Sprue with the Dark Angels sword symbol filled in with green stuff.

It's a five man squad so far with the Veteran Sergeant equip with a lightning claw, storm shield and melta bombs and the unit contains one plasma pistol. I will fill them out eventually to a ten man squad and include a second plasma pistol. In my other squad (since I'm building a full company eventually) I will include two flamers and I'm not sure yet what to give my Veteran Sergeant...

My plasma pistol marine has obviously had an accident in the past and so his head is half replaced with bionics on his left side (as he's left handed!) and I have improved his armour up to a MK8 variant. Since there are no MK8's with jump pack straps I decided to make my own. I did this with some plastic card piping, chopped it into half and tapered the ends. I smoothed it down a little and all was good! I unfortunately forgot to take a photo before I under coated him so if anyone wants a tutorial let me know and I'll do another one and post him up!

All my marines are going to have their correct shoulder pad markings. The assault marines obviously have the assault and ultramarine shoulder pads. These work really well but I think they may be a bit small for the tactical squads so I think I will force myself to do a bit more green stuff practise and model up their symbols. Also it will be good practise for my Space Wolves and Salamanders. The Veteran Sergeant has the Plastic Veteran Ultramarine symbol from the Space Marine Commander and Space Marine Command Squad boxes and the right shoulder pad was attached to the lightning claw arm so I left it as was.

I have tried to make them all individual to some degree so have added grenades along their harness so it's in easy reach for them.

I tried to ensure all the assault marines were leaping from jutting rock to rock or sprinting into an assaulting position. I like how they seem to hover above their bases and some times they almost appear to be floating as your brain edits out their connection to the base when you see them in person.

This last marine holds a special place in my heart. Not only do I like him as one of the "lefties" and his leaning/running pose but I accidentally spilt some plastic glue on his chest so I covered it up with grenades which save the model in my eyes. To be fair it probably wasn't all that bad but I can be a bit anal with my hobby and like things to be perfect and now I think he looks even better!!

Ok so next for the marines I guess are the scouts. They need some green stuff work but I'll show you where they are so far up to. They are looking pretty good so far though. Nice and characterful!

So what do you all think of them?


  1. Great posing of them on the bases and the sergeant is fantastic, great choice of parts for him. Also I'm intrigued as to how you did the new jump pack straps on Mk8 plasma guy they look spot on.

  2. mad hobby man! hh5's for you!!!! I likey!!!

  3. Thanks Blitzspear!!

    I'm really happy with how they look and especially my sergeant, so thanks for the props! Well I cheated! Instead of trying to model the straps with GS or something I just made the Mk8 collar out of plastic card. I would think its a lot quicker than the GS option :D when I do my next one I'll put it up!

    Thanks Andy!! I'm glad you like. Keep an eye on my blog for some more of my babies coming soon!