Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Skaven Models!!!

Hey guys!

I'm super excited since today Gw released images of the sexy new Skaven models!! They are so seriously awesome that I can't believe it! They are just like how the background and artwork describes them. These are all straight off of the New Releases and the sprues are from their blog.

Assorted Clanrat and Doomwheel sprues!! That's right! It's Back!!! I can't wait to see these guys in the flesh (or fur) and get cracking on them whether they are mine or not! :D I just hope the boys at Gw don't get a jump on them before I get there first!

The new clan rats we saw a peek of earlier in the year. They come 20 in a box rather than the current empire boxes of ten, I assume this is since Skaven armies require a horde army in the truest sense of the word.

The old school shields are back! These models are just wow! It's such a huge step up from the previous Skaven models and to me are what Skaven are all about; filthy, vicious warriors born in legions just to fight and bring down the empires and cities of man.....

New Stormvermin!! Again 20 in a box and they look awesome! I really like the head stretched into a drum skin and the Fangleader detail is really nice! These will really be a must have unit now!

The reinvented Doomwheel!!! You can't keep a good mad rat scientist down! The engineer is now riding the doomwheel from the inside and he has what looks like a technician riding on a rear platform. The banner is a pretty impressive piece of kit also.

The sprues are getting really impressive these days, especially the inner rings. Very steampunk in style.

I'll need one or two of these ramshackle contraptions rumbling along the battlefield blasting anything silly enough to come near it.


  1. Gah! I know I said on my blog that I didn't intend on collecting skaven, but looking at all the new models I'm excited. They look great.

    I found the space wolves to be un-inspiring and sort of bland, but the new skaven are amazing. The units have a real classic look about them, while the special characters are top notch.

    I might break.........I really might.

  2. Do it man!! Come on... Feel the chittering lure of the rat things.... try this green rock.... it'ssss tassssty man-thingssss....

    I need some more guys collecting Skaven to inspire me and drive my hobby along!

    If your not sure you should read the witch hunter series. not only is it a great series of stories but the skaven make an awesome appearance and are just skimming along beneath the surface the entire story pushing events along. it really gives a great feel for their manipulations in the worlds of man things and what nightmares their lairs are. i think its in witch finder...

    I've also got vermintide that i need to re-read again, a rad novel totally devote to skaven and empire investigations trying to reveal them. all about the crazy skaven schemes and unexplained crimes... really cool background stuff.

    i also want to get the thanqol and boneripper novel.

  3. I've been wanting to do a Skaven army for a while. I picked up a battlebox and some extras on Ebay a couple months ago, so these new releases will keep me motivated to finishing them up. I think I'll use the old clanrats as slaves and use the new models as clanrats.

    +1 on Thanqol and Boneripper novel AND models.