Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Teamwork: A Hobbyist's Best Friend!

Hey Guys and Girls,

Since I have been having troubles uploading images these past few days I haven't yet put up my scouts but in the mean time, what do you guys think of teamwork??

Little Max and I are embarking on a joint hobby project: to complete 1000pts of Space Marines and to play a game on the 1st of February.

He is working on his Imperial Fists and I am building my 4th Company Ultramarines and so far I have found myself to be much more motivated hobbying with him (rather than alone/in-store) and really wanting to complete my 1000pts. To most people I'm sure this seems like an easy task but neither Little Max nor I have completed an army to date, being more like magpies in our hobby than good little bower birds (they would play Ultramarines too!).

We both finish uni at the end of October and start jobs which I am sure will become very hectic during the holidays and then I am planning to go away during early January to relax from a very stressful and draining year. Which means we will have November and December in between work and family commitments and then just two weeks of January to finish up my army!! I still have to buy a Razorback and a few other assorted goodies (like Forgeworld items) as well as do the green-stuffing so all my marines have some lovely Ultramarine and Tactical raised icons on their shoulder pads.

The few times I have met up with him in the last few weeks of term we have gotten quite a lot of hobby done in the time available and had a few laughs together.
So my question is this: do you find yourself being more productive in matters of hobby when working with a friend as a team? Or do you like to hobby alone at your place where everything is in easy reach?

Let me know what you think in the new poll or by leaving comments!


  1. My last blog post was about this too!

    I found myself more motivated when I was painting with a friend. Whether I got more done or not I don't know, but it sure was enjoyable.

  2. I really like your blue. Do you use the blue GW wash? Could you give me a list of colors/washes you use? I have a 3rd Company Ultramarines sideproject and the blue I ended up with isn't as rich as yours. (You can see my results on my blog if you'd like.)

  3. Well, I must say I find it better working with a mate too =P haha

    Love the green btw mate! Really makes a huge difference to the model =]
    I'll have to see the red in person but ATM I'm thinking it might need to come up a bit brighter =] even just a final blood highlight on the edges. Looks freaking rad though man. Pumped to get these out on the table!

  4. P.s... Love the similar posing when you took the pic =P
    and I love how the whole thing it emphasises my nickname lol

  5. Hey Vinny! Great minds huh?? :D I'm definately happier hobbying with a mate and it has really been helping to push my hobby especially since he follows me up with blog comments to keep me honest! :D

    @ tahrikmili: Hey man! Thanks!! I checked out your blog (I do for everyone who comments) I like your marine and any ultramarine other than the second company (other than a few really nice armies) as I like to see those other companies represented!

    I have just discovered the joys of the new Gw washes as I have used on my weapons but no the armour doesnt have a wash. I'm going to hopefully finish off (or mostly finish) my marine tomorrow so I will post a colour recipe with some pictures of the finished thing but I basically use regal blue and work fairly close to the Sicarius masterclass. (also i use way too many highlights!!)

    @ Maxy! Glad to hear it man! Yeah I'm really happy with the green but after the repainting I still need to redo the extreme edge highlighting. The red atm is only basecoat and wash, so yeah it will come up a fair bit but wow washes are rad!!

    Thanks man. It was one of my favourite pictures so I just had to post it!!

  6. Thanks for the comment Batman!

    Yep thats the first rule of painting, lots of thin layers, rather than one big thick layer. You can't take paint off a mini but you can always add more!

    As for the broodlord, no I didn't destroy it, it was just way too dark and the wash pooled really weird. Just went back and painted the undercoat again. Annoying but not fatal.

  7. No worries man :)

    Ahhh. Good to hear as that is too nice a model to just scrap! Looking forward to seeing more of your work!