Thursday, March 1, 2012

Space Wolves New Sprues!!!

So I managed to get my hands on the new Space Wolves today! For those of you bloggers not living in Australian/Pacific region these are the actual AUD prices on the products. Remembering that the AUD is currently worth more than the USD (you don't want to see the prices we pay on the Black Library website, even on electronic download products!) and with the Gw embargo in place there's not a lot of choice anymore. Anyway Gw policies aside these kits look pretty sweet!

First off there is the Thunderwolves kit. The assembly guide is in a small booklet form and is pretty good. It lays out all the optional items in the front page and is easy to follow.

I've taken photos of the sprue from the side not shown on the Gw website. I'm really happy with the detail on these guys and when you splice these kits up with all the others it creates a bunch of different options. One of the feet (paws) has just one toe replace by a bionic and the equipment for around their waist includes extra clips/magazines which is a bit of a first. I'll defiantly be plundering a couple of these sets for the rest of my wolves.

The Fenrisian Wolves are obviously a very simple kit with no additional options. I would have liked to see in line with the other two boxes some Thousand Sons to decorate their bases but nothing wrong with the kits otherwise, just a missed opportunity.

And finally the big guy.... (I love that Icetooth detail and Frost Axe)

The Thunderwolf Lord is one of the better Finecast models I've bought with very few minor flaws (although I haven't full gone over him yet). One thing I really like is the Harald Deathwolf shoulderpad option. He has both a plain shoulderpad and one with sculpted detail. I was previously leaning towards Engir Krakendoom over Harald Deathwolf but things are up in the air again now :)

This was really just a show and tell and I'm pretty happy with the models and the finecast hasn't sent me clamouring for a return which is a positive sign for the technology and Gw's quality control. There will still be some greenstuff touch ups but shouldn't be anything too bad.

Anyway if you want a closer look at any of the minis or more photos of anything specific drop me a line at my new email set up for this blog.
dj.batman.hobby.adventures "AT"

2012 - A new year and a new start

Hi bloggers!

How goes your new year? Since last we spoke I've been to the U.A.E., India and Singapore with work, took a short break with my girlfriend to Melbourne and am currently based in Darwin until May. As you can guess this has limited my hobby time quite severely but I have still found time to get a bit done.

I did manage to make it along to Games Day 2011 which was great! It was the first Games Day Australia has had in a long while and I'm not ashamed to say I was like a kid in the candy store. I picked up some awesome Black Library products and posters and got to hang out with a few good friends, one of which I didn't know was a hobbyist! Two of my friends won a Golden Daemon with Kyle taking out the slayer sword!

I don't have many photos with me at the moment as I only have my laptop up here but as a Christmas present my girlfriend gave me a new camera (the one I've been eyeing for sometime) so hopefully I'll be able to crack out some awesome photos, well once I learn how to use it properly...

Plans for this year are to:
Set up our Inner City Gaming club
Compete at tournaments as a team
Play at least 6 games a month and most importantly....
Finish an Army!!

Unfortunately I'm unable to really do much about those ambitions until I get home in May so it's really more of a half year ambition.

I've been working on some of my Grey Knights and a Dreadknight, my Ultramarines keep ticking over and some Space Wolves. Speaking of Space Wolves....