Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tandarian Imperial Guard

Hey guys. I need your help!!!

Which colour scheme should I paint my Cadian Imperial Guard?
So far I have asked four guys and gotten four different answers...

So my army is to be a force from Tandaris which was featured in a series of Australian White Dwarf Articles. It was three battle reports set on the planet of Tandaris where the Vostroyans (with later Daemonhunter Forces) take on the local populace who have been turned Traitor by a daemon plague. As I needed a theme for my Cadian based guard models and I love the Vostroyans and wanted an army a little different from the other Cadians, since most regimental numbers seem to be taken :D , this seemed like a logical and fun choice!

My Tandarian Force isn't fully planned out yet but I know that...

They are a mainly urban force (as to fit in with my Cityfight Vostroyans)
The bases will be loose dirt or rubble possibly with snow? (nothing too fancy)
They will be equipt with Trucks and Halftracks to replace Chimeras and Hydras; ala Dave Taylor Miniatures

So the four colour schemes are....

Dave Taylor's 144th Cadians - Found here

Simon Brown's Cerberus VII Regiment - Found Here and Here

Luther Blisset's Heron Hounds - Found Here and Here

King's Standard Bearer's Cadian VIII Veteran Sergeant - Found Here - New Update Here!

So which colour scheme do you think looks best or is best for the army I have described?
We are solely judging on colour schemes not paint jobs or conversions as I'm sure I won't be able to do anywhere near as good a job as these guys have done. I've left the poll open for 100 days to try and get as many responses as possible but I'll probably get going on these a bit earlier as I'm dying to get some painting happening!!

edit: Ok after some input from Dave Taylor I've adjusted the poll to around 50 days, ending on my birthday. Also Uni ends just after that so I should be able to kick them off soon after that. Assuming I don't get taken away by The Beast Within....

As I develop and clarify the fluff for my Tandarian Forces I'll let you guys know as it develops. I'm still not sure whether to make them a PDF or a raised guard unit?? Possibly the last unit raised as the planet was consumed by the plague virus... Thoughts? Comments?


  1. Simon's paint scheme with Luther's helmets. Perfect. :)

  2. go with a starship troopers style paint job. them military greys and blacks with nice detail on electronics and weapon detials.