Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Space Wolf Sprues!!

I was going to regale you all with my heroic tales of Space Hulk from last night but instead I'll give you this.
Once I download my Space Hulk Photos I'll put them up.

In the mean time Live From Games Workshop International Its:

An Interior Shot From The Codex!!

With Special Guest Star: The Space Wolf Sprue!!!


  1. http://thisisthefinalhope.blogspot.com/

  2. hiya dude I just found your site thru the Parade Ground. Looking back thru your posts and I have to say a big thank you for choosing my Veteran's colour scheme as one of your main inspirations! Im working on the models today, but the serg is done! check back soon for more progress!

  3. Hey King's SB,

    Not a problem! thanks for providing inspiration to the rest of us!! I added it cause its a really good scheme. one of my mates in the navy said "The Khaki style armour adds to the appearance of a force that excels at modern (or post post post modern in this case) warfare..."

    I saw the finished veteran sgt and i'm really impressed!! He looks great!! I really like the balance of the blue grenades and the blue glow of the plasma pistol. you really know what your doing man!! keep up the great work!

    Thanks for the visit and follow!

  4. love that space wolf sprue! nice tweaking of the existing sw weapons plus lightening claws!!!!!

  5. Hey andy.
    Yeah they are nice sprues hey!

    BoLS has some better shots of both sides of them. Good news :)
    plus don't you mean wolf claws :D much better than plain old lightning

    I love all those extra heads. They'll be good to mix in with the
    empire sprues for some great looking empire armies/characters.

    So are you going to be working on the wolves?