Monday, September 7, 2009

The Wolftime Approaches Even Closer!!

These come from Big Jim's Space Wolf Blog and originally from Rabianegra at Warseer but I couldn't resist having them on my own blog if for no other reason than for me to stare lovingly at them....

Bonus points for naming the characters correctly as well as spotting all the cool bitz and pieces!


  1. Wolves!!! Soo good! I am unsure about the Big Wolf Rider, not really what I expected.... I guess I will resevere my Judgment until I see it. Loki, i think could be good with a better paintjob. And Njarl is cool, not a problem there.

    But, in saying that I will buy them all!

    The plastics are AWESOME!!!!! I cant wait to mix them with all the SM bitz I have at home. the only thing I dont like its that cape, realy not a fan....

  2. Hey Kyle!

    I know I am so pumped for them!! When I first heard of the Character riding a Fenris Wolf I thought it could be a super awesome idea! But this model doesn't look great from the photos. But to be fair I hated the faces of the new Ogryns from the official GW photos and White Dwarf shots, but when I saw them in person I actually kinda liked them and now I'm going to get some for my army I like them so much. (the Vostys will have converted Ogres to make them fit better)

    I'm hoping it's something like that where a second hand image doesn't capture well the likeness of the model. But lets be honest. I'm sure I will still get one or two!

    Little Max keeps saying that Loki looks like Chatswood's Lukey, and I think I'm inclined to agree with him!! :D I'm guessing Ragnar will be Deke??

    What I really wanted has been delivered! Awesome plastics!!! Check out all that rad stuff!!! Sweet Wolf Heads!! Double Handed Axes!! Awesome Thunder Hammers!!! Check out the post with the sprues for more detailed info!!

    Rumour is that the Termi's have both Range and CCW options in the one box!! Radness!!

    I kinda see what you mean about the cloak Kyle but I guess I'm just to much of a sucker for the Wolfies!!

    Now all I need (other than these to be released and me to get them all several time over!) is to get myself the forgeworld termi conversion kit (as it is beautiful!) and some Marauder Horsemen heads to mix it up a bit!

    Hmmmm. Space Wolf Scouts!