Monday, September 21, 2009

New Imperial Guard and Treadheads

Hey guys...

Check out these rad new Imperial Guard models on Gw's website!
I'm pretty impressed so far. I think I'll have to get some for my Tandaris Army....

The Imperial Guard Tank Crew have to be my favourite release of this month I think (as Space Wolves are next month :D ) Those guys are so full of character to my mind.

They are definitely going to be joining the ranks of the Tandaris soon. Not sure thought if I should use them as tank crew or just as extra cool minis....

Imperial Guard Tank Commanders: Well I think I have the right two buried away somewhere but I don't have that Commissar Commander. He's a definite acquisition I'll need to make.

Tank Stowage: I've been searching for some extra baggage to add to my tanks other than the two from the heavy weapons teams (which I need for my veterans) and the one from the Tank Accessory sprue, which I need to get a few more of so I can enclose the tracks of my tanks.

Speaking of tanks I saw a rad tank conversion in the City Store on Saturday which was a Leman Russ featuring the engine/exhaust block off of a Land Raider on the back and used predator side sponsons. This made a really striking looking tank which I think would work well as a Command Tank for a more modern force.

I think I will be sticking to the "older" chassis for the Leman Russes in the Vostroyan Army and the "newer" chassis for the Tandaris Tanks. This means that all the Punishers and such in the Vostroyan Army will be the hull of the current Leman Russ and the Leman Russes in the Tandaris Army will be the new hulls. This is to represent the fact that the Vostroyan Army is much, much older and hence have older (but better maintained and built) tanks where as the newer more modern Tandaris Army will utalise the "fast build" chassis that has just been released with the Punisher et al box.

The only one I'm not so sure of is these guys, labelled Imperial Guard Heads. I'm not even sure what all the heads are meant to be (ie Cadian, Catachan, commanders, vehicle drivers, characters, etc...) Any ideas guys??

These guys are all released here along with Colonel 'Iron Hand' Straken and Gunnery Sergeant Harker, the new Warhammer basing kit (which is pretty nice, I saw it instore on Saturday as Ben got one for his "checked" Orc Boys) and the Dead Grass, which is pretty much the colour I was looking for to use with the Salamanders.

Any Ideas on what I've raised??
Thanks guys!

p.s. Tomorrow I start my conversion of Chaos Warhounds into Fenris Wolves....


  1. I think the heads are just there to add a bit of variety, not so much for a specific army or unit. So I guess you could use them for anything, I'm just waiting for some better pictures to see if i'll include them in my army.

  2. Hi DJ, I tink I have a spare Commissar tank commander lurking in my Imp Gd bits box, let me have a look if I do we can work something out :-). I also quite like the tank crew, but I don't know how they would fit into my Armoured Rifle Company... The heads I think would be great for making penal legion units, or veterans...

  3. hey harreh, yeah I think so too but often there is a theme or such to these sorts of things and they seemed maybe a bit techy.
    Yeah I'm hoping we get some better pictures so I'm hoping we'll see them in the next White Dwarf.

    Hey Jase, Awesome!! Thanks man :)
    What does your Armoured Rifle Company look like? Can you post some on your blog? I was thinking as putting them on the back of a basilisk or something like that.... Just as general tank crew or support crew.
    I did have an idea of using them on a Valkyrie being refuelled for a Golden Daemon entry but that would be fairly in depth and probably more than I can achieve in time.

    Otherwise they might work as penal legion members but I was previously thinking of using flagellants.

  4. You should consider taking photos of that Leman Russ you spoke of next time, even if it is just with a mobile phone camera.

  5. Hey Tim,

    Yeah I'll ask the guy if its ok next time...
    plus if I can afford to I'll build one and put it up!

  6. Hi DJ, I do have that Comm Tank Commander, send me a FB message and we'll sort something out. My AF Imp GD force is currently being built, so no pics.

  7. Oz Marshal:
    Awesome thanks man!! Will do!
    Well if they are currently being built then how about a few work in progress shots huh? :D

    Also if you have a bit of guard you should also join "The Parade Ground" - it's the IG part of FTW Blogger group. They're a great bunch of guys and I'm sure they'd love to have another meatshield... I mean valuable infantryman to join their ranks! :D