Monday, September 21, 2009

399 Visits!!

Wow!! Thanks guys! In less than a week from adding a hit counter we are already up to 399!! Thanks so much!

I didn't realise there were many people even viewing the blog so thanks a lot for checking me out. As uni gets towards that end date of 31st of October my hobby will continue to increase and you'll start seeing peeks of my actual hobby!! :D

As a reward for our 399 visits I will post up some photos of what I have been working on recently this weekend.

Special thanks goes to my 12 followers and anyone who has left a comment!! Thanks guys and girls!!

Keep those comments coming so I know what you are all thinking, what you want and what you do and don't like!


  1. Check out Google Analytics, it's a great tool for monitoring traffic.

  2. hey keep up the great work and the hits will keep coming! I wud add a counter but I wouldnt know what to start it on now... maybe multiply the number of followers by the number of posts Iv put up...??? who knows!

  3. Hey Oni,

    I had a look at it but it all seems a bit full on.. do you use it? is it fairly easy to do so?

    King's Standard Bearer: Thanks man! Thanks for the follow and support! I'd say just add one now and watch it grow!! Yours will clock it up pretty quickly man if even mine is almost at 500 after a week. :D