Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ultramarines Test Model

Well since my blog has a bit of an Ultramarines theme I though I better put up some photos of my Ultramarines Test mini.

I'm not yet 100% happy with the results as I have never been great at painting power armour. I've always felt more comfortable with flesh, fur and cloth but that's what you get when you choose an army in power armour! But the decision was partly to try and force myself to paint power armour better. I'll slowly get there I guess...

The shoulder pads need to be redone a bit and some of the other highlights lessened but so far I am pretty happy with his outcome. He's going to be a member of the 4th company so his shoulder pad rims will be the colour of my Salamanders, (hence my Salamander test model :D I'll put him up in the next few days)

So any comments or feedback?


  1. The mini seems a little dark DJ, its ok i just clicked on it to see a bigger picture of it :-) The highlighting looks good mate, finish it completely before saying you don't like it, thats one thing I've learned over the years. That means finish his base and all too!! I like him!!

  2. Yeah I wanted a really dark Ultramarine so he looked a bit more scary and lethal and so when I tell people that I have Ultramarines they don't whinge about every little kid collecting them, etc...

    the highlighting really brings him a fair bit brighter and things like the shoulder pad rims and wargear, etc will help I think.

    I suppose it's harder to judge when they are not finished. but to be fair I discovered my best painting step by accident as I was painting him so sometimes it can be good!

    Thanks Jase, that means a lot to me coming from a rad hobbyist like you.

  3. I have to agree, he does look very dark. More in line with a Crimson Fist. But nice work and its always nice to have another Battlebrother in blue :)

  4. Wow. I was even looking at him and thinking he was too light, but I have the advantage of looking at him in person :P plus I'm overly bias.

    Thanks for the compliment. I'll make you a deal. I'll work on finishing him in the next few weeks and you comment back on him once he's done and let me know what you think. Cool?

  5. I like it darker. I think they would not really be as bright Blue on the battelfield. I like it

  6. I quite like him dark, what i meant to say the picture is dark and needs some more light :-)
    I think he will great once finished too, so what is this accident that work out ok? please share...

  7. Nice pose Dj, it is very dynamic. I'll chime in with what has been said about the choice of the very dark blue.

    What's he based on? It looks good.

  8. Ditto the dark comments - not sure if it is just the pics but I get very much a Crimson Fist impression.

    Like Oz pointed out though - finish him up and then let us have at him - nothing worse than canning a project off of one WIP shot.

  9. @ Oz Marshal - lol. Ok man. That's better then I guess, Yeah I was taking the photos in the bathroom at night so lighting wasn't the best. I'll take some more photos of the model in the store once he's finished, as they have really great lighting!!

    I'll post up my colour recipe in the next few days and all will be revealed!! :D

    @ Tim P - Thanks man. I wanted a model that I could properly paint the chest of and had the right wargear!! :D So you like the darker blue as Jase has said?

    @ Rogue Pom - So ditto its too dark or ditto you like it?? I will finish him off man, let me know what you think when I do though, cool?

  10. I do like the darker blue, but it says Crimson Fist and not Ultramarine. Keep posting pictures as you work on it, I am sure once you've painted more detail such as the U that won't be an issue.

  11. Gotta say... These pics show it MUCH darker than it actually is. The blue is closer to regal blue for those who want a realistic reference =]
    Highlights make it nice a bright too. They look great in decent lighting and Dj just worked the green onto the left shoulder yesterday and it brings the whole model up even more =]
    Overall they're killer ultramarines!

  12. Thanks Maxy!! Been having good fun adding in the rest of the colours... Touched up the shoulder pads and just need to do their final extreme highlight. started up on the metal work on the backpack and the guns.

    Killer Ultramarines? Thats all of them!! :D They are marines afterall!