Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Space Hulk Mission 1: Suicide

Last Monday Night I arrived at Little Max's house to begin our inaugural game of Space Hulk! My valiant opponent Little Max checks over the rules before we kick off our game. As you might be able to tell from our models lack of assembly we pretty much got the game underway as quick as possible!

As it was his kit he took the Space Marines first and I was the Genestealers. After a fairly generic setup with Lorenzo in the lead followed By Scipio and of course the Zael with the Heavy Flamer Little Max makes a run for it turning a marine and setting him to overwatch to guard his rear. Mean while the blips close in......

Sergeant Lorenzo is taken out by a generstealer hidden behind that door! (this is before we knew the Power Sword rules more indepth)

As Aliens plays in the background we get an eerie visitor from the film.....

After the Sergeant is gone the genestealer lunges into the Heavy Flamer specialist Zael.

And deftly takes him out!!!

The other Marines lacking the leadership of Lorenzo and knowing their mission is lost are wiped out to a man! The Hulk still swarms with Genestealers with the danger of them launching infected lifepods across the sector something must be done!

My turn as the Marines to follow! Let's hope I do Better!!


  1. My wife and I played our first games of Space Hulk the other night. It was a blast, but we both lost when playing as the Marines - Suicide Mission is so tough. I hope you fared better!

  2. Unfortunately my first time as Marines was a loss but I think I rushed to take the objective rather than playing it smart since I had all of my flamer shots left! Then a few days later I played my mate up from Melbourne for the week who works for Gw and as the Marines I took him out without losing any Marines!!

    The first time through was a good learning experience, plus we didn't really know the rules at that stage.

    Give it another go! I'm sure you'll manage to do better this time.