Monday, October 12, 2009

Ultramarine 1000pt List Draft

Hey Guys,

Today Little Max and I did a bit of painting, he on his scouts and me on my tactical marine test mini. We were working out the green shoulder pad edging and how to pick out the other details. He did mention that the miniature in real life seems much lighter than it does in the photos so hopefully when I reshoot him once he's finished the colours will seem better. But I really like the combination of the green with the blue. It looks really cool.

So I had planned to put up some pictures of my Scouties but unfortunately the internet isn't allowing me to upload them but hopefully I can do it at uni in a few days. Little Max and I are building and painting our 1000pt Armies with a deadline of 1st of February. Since I am hopefully going away for half of January and Little Max also has some commitments this should be enough time for us to complete our armies. Since this is the case I plan to build and paint around 500pts extra but if this isn't completed then no big problem.

So in the mean time here is my 1000pt Army List for the Ultramarines.

135pts - Space Marine Chaplain in Terminator Armour and Melta Bombs

200pts - 5 man Terminator Assault Squad with Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields

75pts - 5 man Scout Squad: 3 Shotguns and 2 with Pistols and Close Combat Weapons

50pts - Land Speeder Storm

170pts - 10 man Tactical Squad

90pts - 5 man Tactical Squad

150pts - 5 man Devastator Squad with 4 Multi-meltas

40pts - Razorback

40pts - Razorback

So those of you astute enough will notice this list is only 950pts in total and leaves me with 50pts to play with. So any recommendations for what to do with those 50pts?

So far I'm toying with the ideas of:
Another terminator and 10pts on special and heavy weapons in the ten man tactical squad.
Power fist for the scout squad, power weapon for the tactical squad and special and heavy weapons.
An upgrade to 1 of the Razorback weapons and take the cheaper/free special and heavy weapons.

So any other ideas? Any jump out as the best idea?
Once the internet decides to work properly I'll put up my Scouts.

Tweaking list as to comments


  1. I would definitely put a powerfist on the Scouts in the LSS for more mobility in your armor hunting. Probably also put a second one on the 5 man Tactical Squad Sergeant who I assume will be in the Razorback.

    I would also recommend all 5 of your Terminators be TH/SS. Best option for 200 points in the game, imo.

    And definitely at least upgrade your 10 man with the free special and heavy wapons at least. Missile launcher my be your best bet for versatility.

  2. Scouts with fist! Do it! You know that Fists are the bomb =P (dual meaning thoroughly intended).
    I'd go fists, power weapon and special weapon in both tact squads, or special in 5-man and heavy in 10-man. Another melta-gun couldn't hurt could it? =]
    I do like the list though =] nice and balanced. Hopefully my Fists will be up to the challenge!
    Not looking forward to seeing my storm go down in a muddle of mush from those multi-meltas... might have watch out for those critters

  3. Definitely take a fist or a power weapon on the Scouts. I personally prefer using all CCW/Bolt Pistols, but shotguns do look pretty kick-ass...

    I'm not so sure how I feel about a 5 man Devastator Squad. 5 Marines, 4 of them with Heavy Weapons sounds like a juicy target - seeing as you're pretty much guaranteed to put a wound on an important model.

    Definitely consider fill out that last tactical squad though. More bodies on the field gives you a whole lot more staying power.

  4. I'd give the Chaplain a pair of Lightning Claws. That way, on the turn he charges he'll reroll failed hits and wounds.

    5 Terminators is roughly the right size that you want to bring. Just be careful when you Deep Strike them in.

    You might have a hard time getting your Devastators to shoot at juicy vehicles with Multi-Meltas. Keep in mind the first model you will probably want to be the one with the Signum :)

    Aside from that, it looks interesting. Give it a go and see how it plays.

  5. @ Rhellion: Sweet! Cause I have a scout with a powerfist and I do sense a bit of support for that fit out.
    Assumption correct! The devastators will ride around in the other one to get up the field nice and quick and then hide in a crater or some such terrain.
    Ok, Well I think I will give them all TH/SS as it would be pretty cool and everyone I speak to prefers it that way.

    @ Little Max: Good to hear you think it's balanced! 5-man tacticals can't have special or heavy weapons sadly :P

    @ Squirrel_Fish: Yeah I really like the Shotty and the idea of scouts leaping out of a storm firing off a few shots but not sure how effective it will be...
    The Razorback will hopefully protect the Dev's a bit but I am considering dropping one Multi-melta and adding another marine to the unit. It still fits in the Razorback and there are two wounds extra before nice things start to go. Also the difference between 3 and 4 multi-meltas wouldn't be that much, would it?

    @ Tim P: Chaplains can't have Lightning Claws, Terminator armour or not!! :D

  6. Hey Deej, it's Steve. :)

    Take a Power Fist on the Scout Sergeant! If you're gonna put them in a Storm, make the most of it.

    By the way, why don't you come to DH?

  7. Oops! My apologies DJ, I have my head too heavily buried in Black Templars!