Monday, April 19, 2010

Fantasy Game Changer and Update

Well Bloggers,

It looks like we'll be seeing a new edition of Fantasy this July!

So the real question is which army to work on!

A bit of house keeping....
Little Max and were planning on doing Fleet in a Week were we build and paint up the beginnings of our Battlefleet Gothic armies but unfortunately the Forge World order has been held up so we won't be starting it until Max receives his fleet from forgies.

Looking at the poll the Space Wolves and Salamanders have come in pretty close to each other with the Ultramarines loosing their early lead. As such I think I will paint my fleet in Space Wolves colours and probably add in a few Salamander Battle Barges for fun!

In other news hobby has been fairly slow the last few weeks due to hectic work and finishing up uni requirements but I am hoping to get some done in the coming weeks. Until then some games of Incursion should keep Max and I going.


  1. Arggh you guys!! you keep on saying that the Fleet will happen but it keeps getting put off!!! lol. Its like that time when my Dad promised me a fishing trip and he kept putting it off. I am still waiting for the fishing trip, 15 years later....

    Just do some sort of other challange like a BB team in a week or something...

  2. Will you be joining us in the world of 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy? Fortunately it drops during the semester holiday so I will still be in country to play.

  3. Good News Kyle.

    The Forgeworld order finally got here (after being delayed by about a month due to the volcano....) and so I'll get Max organised so we can get our Fleet in a Week done! Probably in a week or two's time (disclaimer: it may be more than a week or two depending on Max and my timetables and hobby deadlines...)

    p.s. Do you want to go fishing? I don't know much about it but am willing to learn :)

    Yeah Tim. I am looking forward to it! I was going to work on my Empire but since the rules are about to be redone I'll finish up some other projects before I do. Also I really like those Trolls and boarboys. Maybe a Orc army is in my future, Or a Chaos all troll army??

    Why might you not be in country? where else would you be??

  4. Good call about Orcs & Goblins. I have a sneaking feeling they'll be redone sooner than later. We'll see more new plastics in the form of the new starter game at least :) The new boar boys and trolls are fantastic too. The new trolls have captured my imagination, even if they don't resemble the long-ingrained image of Warhammer trolls. I hope we see some rock trolls at some point, as well as slick new Chaos trolls.

    An all Chaos troll army will net you very few friends :P I am a sucker for the current metal Chaos troll models though.

    I'll be in Canada in late August or early September. University in another country :)

  5. Hey Tim,

    Yeah a box or two of Skull pass would set me up well for the beginings of an Orc and Goblin army and there's just something likeable about the green fellows. (esp the new minis! :) )

    Yeah they are a bit of a departure from the original trolls but thats cool as I like em more. I really like that "fishy" look to them. They remind me of a catfish or something. I'm guessing Slugdrool and his metal brothers are the "stone" trolls without them actually being such, or maybe they are just the Ultramarine of the troll world? :D

    Oh :( but I want lots of trolls!! They are rad and there is no way just three will slate my hunger! What if I make them look really pretty and such. Can I keep my friends then?
    Plus I don't know how robust an army it could be as you are obviously sacrificing alot of possible strengths.... Ohhh all troll vs all ogre. Awesome!

    Wow man exciting news!! How come? Which one??