Friday, March 19, 2010

Incursion Order Arrives!

Hey guys,

Just a quick one here. Yesterday Cliff and I were working on magnetising our Valkyries so that not only did it have interchangeable weapon options but a removable roof (so I can paint the interior) and magnetised doors. We've got a few cool ideas but need to get a hold of some smaller magnets to continue.

So the other day I went down to the Post Office to pick up my Pre-Ordered copy of Incursion!! Well both copies of them :D

I got the resin doors and bases with them and Max has just ordered some as well so there's some creepy WWZ action headed our way soon. In other news they've just posted pictures of the greens of the new MI-13. I'm looking forward to these guys and will be keepoing a closer eye on the Incursion Blog.

After taking the photo it did seem to be a bit of a product shot but honestly that's my cutting mat!!

In other news Jason seems to be talking about my Armoured Sentinels we were discussing last Saturday and he gave me a hand to further tweak my list so I'm pretty happy with it!


  1. On that note :) my incursion came in just this morning!!

    Anyone that likes the ideas of gameplay behind space hulk and the flavourspme backgroud that is WWII combined with the Zombie Apocalypse and Americans in Armoure Personal Exoskeletons really must get their hands on the Incursion boxed set!!

    Can't wait to have my first game with Dj and no doubt we'll be blogging extensive battle reports :)

  2. You never Update your Blog.... ! I thought being a very special week... "Fleet in a Week" we, the internet viewing public, would have gotten an up to date on the goings on of the painting... unless you guys epically failed and hope that no-one remebers your challenge... :)

  3. Max and I have indeed played a game of Incursion and I gotta say I love it! It plays like Space Hulk but is a bit more indepth and the imagery to it is great!

    Dear Kyle, Firstly may I say lol and Secondly I like your webpage! I have the beginnings of my fleet and am waiting for Max as he is getting the forgeworld Tau fleet so Fleet in a Week got pushed back until we get our forgeworld order. So we epically failed for that date but just because it hasn't started yet. I've set the new date and am expecting Max to have his stuff and be ready for then! You're also more than welcome to join us!

  4. Ok, so that is an acceptable excuse guys. :)

    Sorry DJ, I am just not much of a fan of the little space ships game. so unfortunatly I would not partake, in said challenge. But thanks for the offer. I always have more then enough stuff to keep me Hobby occupied until 2015.

  5. That's cool man,
    So maybe just the Space Wolves then huh? :)