Friday, March 5, 2010

1750 Logan Grimnar vs Iron Hand Straken Battle Report - part 1

Hi happy bloggers,

Well the last few weeks have been pretty hectic with my first tournament, job interviews, forgeworld and hobby. But first to my re-entry into 40k.

After talking to my friend Todd about his Space Wolf army he insisted that I play a game with them then and there to check them out and see how they play. Luckily Tim was after a game for his Imperial Guard army lead by none other than Old Iron Hand Straken himself.

Firstly let me apologise for the quality of the images. The bunker doesn't have the best lighting conditions and I had left my camera on the wrong settings, but trust me these are the best from a bad bunch!

So the army I used was based around Logan Grimnar's Great Company. Everything is pretty clear from this photo I think with the only exception being to the scouts who had two meltaguns instead of plasma pistols. This army was also accompanied by three drop pods and a Land Raider Redeemer.

Tim's Army was a fairly balanced build around Old Iron Hand with a few tanks, veterans and storm troopers for good measure.

We rolled up an Annihilation mission which could prove tricky for the pups since there were just so many guardsmen to take down! Deployment saw Tim deploying his forces first and taking first turn. As per the battle plan Todd told me to run with I only deployed the Land Raider denying Tim free shots at my army. Man had we both underestimated the strength of the Land Raider Redeemer!

Tim threw everything he had at that sucker and it kept shrugging everything off! Even with all of his orders going off he still couldn't put down the Land Raider. What a beast!

As I'm late for a hobby appointment and my computer is being a jerk I'll post the next instalment tomorrow.

Also check out my poll for "Fleet in a Week" and let me know what you think about how I should paint my BFG Fleet!


  1. gah! i want to know what the redeemer got up to!!

  2. What a cliffhanger! Damn you sir!

    I'm looking forward to a suitably thrilling conclusion...

  3. Lol, sorry guys. I didn't realise I was hanging you out to dry...

    I'm not sure thrilling is the right word but it was pretty funny. Ok well check back tomorrow to find out what happened!