Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yet More New Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard!

Hey there Bloggers,

Well I made it into the City Store again today wrote up a 1750pt list for my Tandarian Imperial Guard army with some help from Jason and got to work on a few more Sanguinary Guard. I'll post up my 1750pt Guard list in the next few days as I'm sure this is of more importance to many of you!

So I've now gotten four Sanguinary Guard built!

The Banner Bearer under construction. When building this one the left arm actually uses a "standard" shoulder pad rather than the angelic one as otherwise the shoulder pad clashes with the wing. This one almost caused me some strife but I was able to fix it before it had dried.

He didn't turn out to bad I think. The banner itself has a great amount of detail and would work well with minor adjustments for Successor Chapters or Dark Angels.

This guy had a few of his pieces already chosen so I had to use some of the pieces already clipped and cleaned but I think it's a great model with a pretty rad pose.

I'm just wondering what I can use these guys for in the armies I'm working on as I'm sure I'll end up getting a box or two of them.


  1. oh god dont listen to jason when making a list, he'll make you create a monster thats so full of cheese an italian pizza maker would cry just looking at it :P

  2. id like to get some and use them as a vanguard squad, just need to change the shoulder pads a bit

  3. Lol, Well my list is a light mechanised force which escaped the destruction of Tandaris due to the plague virus and the events of the White Dwarf Campaign so it's led by the background to a fair degree.

    Jason's actually a really good guy when you get to know him but even he admits he can be pretty cheesy (nice metaphor by the way) but he started by asking me what I liked and wanted to include and such and I've gone back to him since with some worrys about the list and he helped me tailor it further towards what I wanted/get rid of the problem as I saw it. Hopefully it's not totally ridiculously overpowered but at least competitive. Let me know what you think once it's up.

    Yeah those shoulder pads are all seperate as per normal so it's pretty easy to do with them as you wish. They'd make an awesome veteran squad.

  4. haha yeah i know jasons a nice guy.
    he just likes to abuse lists occasionally :P

  5. Yeah That's true!!
    But I do like that he actually backs up his crazy lists with hobby.

    Do you have a blog or your own photos somewhere I can check out? What did you vote for in the BFG poll?

  6. nah i don't, been meaning to set up a blog but i'm not sure i can sustain it :/
    maybe in the near future though...
    if you wanted a game sometime tho we could organise a day/time in the next few weeks. i can probably come in on a thursday morning if that's when you're normally in.
    my email is if its easier to organise that way
    as for the poll; i voted sallies, cause they're cool :P

  7. Well it's not as hard as you think. Blogspot is really easy to format and such, just set it up one arvo and then just post when you have some photos or thoughts. Yeah I'll probably be in on thursday but I still dont have a fully finished army but it would be good to meet another hobbyist and I'm sure we can line up a game for sometime soon.

    Also yeah sallys are rad. I'm torn between them and the puppies.

  8. sorry i wasnt in today, didnt get the time in the end before work...looking like i might be in saturday though to pick up some BL stuff
    been thinking about making a blog, so will hopefully happen soon, possibly when i get my hands on the new BA stuff, cause that may actually motivate me to paint something...

  9. That's ok mate, There's plenty of time for us to meet as I'm not going anywhere soon!

    So you got some of the new BA stuff??

  10. oh yes
    got 2 boxes of everything =D
    currently building stuff up for a 2500 game against deke
    after that we're gonna organise a 10k apoc game with his chaos legions against my BAs and Cliffs IG
    ill let you know the date so you can pop in and watch the carnage unfold :P

  11. Yeah that sounds great man!

    Let me know!!

  12. there's gonna be an apoc game on this friday; me + deke vs todd + tim (jackson)
    come in if you can to watch the madness :P
    also i played dekes flesh tearers on sunday and belted him with my blood angels haha
    first founding > successors lol

  13. edit: turns out todd may ave cancelled on us, so might just be me smashing deke again in 40k :P

  14. Lol, They sound good man. Wish I had witnessed it!!

    Looks like we'll be meeting on Friday when Max and I take on you and Deke!!! Fun stuff! :)