Friday, March 12, 2010

New Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard Models!

Well this afternoon the order came into the City Store so I asked the manager of the store "Is there any combination of words which would convince you to let me build some of the new Blood Angels?" His response was that as long as I made them look cool and checked out the codex to make sure they were a field-able unit. I said I would make them cool to which he added one last proviso: I had to remove every mould line.

Since he is a huge Blood Angels fan I could understand his thinking and so I went to work. I'm pleased to say like the Space Wolves sprues I have been working with lately these models have much reduced mould lines compared to other similar models and in some places I couldn't even find where the mould line was. As such it didn't take me as long as it may have but these models are intense!! A "standard" Sanguinary Guard model consists of 14 pieces with the new jump pack and wings being the most difficult/fiddle-some pieces. But they are well worth the effort!

When you're assembling some of these guys attach the hand into the Angelus Boltgun arm before attaching the arm to the body as it will make life a fair bit simpler. Also attach the large winged shoulder pad to the left arm before attaching the right arm as certain Close Combat weapon arms get in the way of this if it hasn't been attached already. The left shoulder pads have an amazing amount of detail on them and look great but make sure to dry fit first as it can be a bit fiddle-some especially if you have already attached the Jump Pack (Do this last!!)

Finally the Awesome Wings have a relatively small connection point so when you first attach them make sure to hold it for longer than you normally would as otherwise they can sag slightly or can be easily knocked out of position (especially by all those eager fans clamouring to have a look at the models. Ben was picking the model up and looking at it after I attached every piece. Talk about pressure!)

So I built the Power Fisted Sanguinary Guard and a "standard" one (like anything about them is standard or average). I really like the single (bloodied I'm sure) tear drop coming from the Death Mask of the Power Fist Marine. Those Death Masks are certainly cool in my opinion and make the squad a little eerie.

I feel pretty luck to have gotten a chance to build some of these Awesome models before the release so if you have any questions about them leave me a comment or give me a bell and I'll do my best to answer them. I had been hoping to resist the new Blood Angels as I want to finish at least some of my current projects/armies but it looks like that's a slim hope of happening.

But one of my friends put it well since: "technically they are space marines so it's not a NEW army just a different colour." I wonder if I can get away with that. Oh well, enjoy!


  1. Just gorgeous models... I'm not a big fan of the BA, but wow, those are some nice models.... If nothing else, they're sure to be kit bashed at some point ;-)

    Having just put together 2k worth of Space Wolves, I agree that GW seems to be getting cooler with their models...

  2. saw these 2 when i was in the bunker today, they look fantastic and nowhere near as bulky as i thought they would
    only critique would be that the regular guard is placed a bit too far back on the base; i think alex said he was going to chop him off the base and move him forward lol
    not really a bit deal though :P

  3. clt40k: Yeah, the BA have really blown me away with the awesomeness of the kits and resisting them will be next to impossible.

    Somewhatdamaged: Yeah I placed him on the base as from the angle of the legs it appeared to be the best balance (especially when I compared it to the Power Fist one) but because of the pulled back sword it kept him much further back on the base than I expected.

    I would have cut him off and repositioned him when I was working on him but the wings and other bits weren't dry yet so I didn't want to fiddle with it until it had fully dried. But if there are more to do that'll probably be the first thing I do to them.

    (Also which rob is this? So I can say hi!)

  4. i dont know how mant robs there are lol
    i have a big blood angels army as well as a saim hann eldar army. i tend to bounce between the bunker and chatswood stores, havent actually played a game in store for a while though. i also play deke in apocalypse a fair bit :P
    thats probably not enough info to go on, but if you hear alex or deke say 'hi rob' one day when you're there then that's probably me

  5. Well I know a rob there that is a big blood bowl fan so I thought that it might be him. Cool well I'm in the City Store a fair bit atm so I'll hopefully run into you there! I'm usually in Thursday and any other day I can spare. Also how did you find my blog?

    In other news you'll be glad to hear I cut him off the base and reattached him in a better position. :)

  6. nah thats not me, different rob :P
    im occasionally in on thursdays, but not for games night. looking like mondays and fridays will probably end up being days ill be able to get in.
    found your blog though FTW. i just browse random blogs through that site and i managed to stumble across yours cause i recognised a pic of the chatswood store in a post of yours lol

  7. Ahh cool. Yeah Chatty and the City Store are my regular stores as they're the closest/easiest to get to from my place (Northern Beaches)

    Well I'm sure I'll get to meet you soon and I'll keep an eye out for you/your army!

  8. Just been kitbashed... check em out here

  9. They're some good looking mini's you've got there mate! nice job.