Saturday, February 20, 2010

Of Space Wolves and Middenheimers

Hi there bloggers,

Just a quick one this time as I have to get to bed to prepare for my inaugural Blood Bowl tournament. (the list is printing right now)

My team is mostly filed so I have 13 models all ready for gluing into their bases with minor greenstuff needed at a later date. Hopefully I have all the positionals I need! Unfortunately I will be using them as an unpainted team and so will have no real chance in the competition so my aims are:

1) to have a heap of fun
2) to get as many sportsmanship points as possible
3) to learn how to play Blood Bowl better!

I'll have my team done for the next tournament I use them in as I like to focus upon Sportsmanship and Painting (as these are where I see my strengths lay). Hopefully I won't be smashed too hard but even just playing a few friendlies with my mates they are going to be brutal to play! So far there are only around 9 players signed up but the guys reacon there are often a number of last minute entries for Blood Bowl so we'll see how we go.

Anyway it looks like I might be a contender for the Wooden Spoon!

In other news I played my first 2010 game of 40k! That's right guys and girls my first game since an Apoc game using Dan's Tau around 8 months ago! I'll tell you all about it after getting some sleep and playing some blood bowl but here's a teaser....

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