Sunday, May 1, 2011

Entertaining Discerning Guests

Heya bloggers,

Well I've gotten my camera back so hopefully over this week I'll be able to take some photos of what I've been working on lately to catch you all up to date. In other news it looks like I might be starting to host more mini evenings. Not 40k events but hobby sessions and just hanging out as I've been away from Sydney for a while for work and now I'm back we are making it more hobby friendly. It's not by any means fully ready to go but we've had a few games of incursion and the like.

As it looks like I may be playing host a bit more I decided to invest in a few other games that can be played with limited space when we get sick of hobby (not that that happens too often). So today I picked up Munchkin Zombie and Munchkin Booty to do just that. I had picked up the expansions to Munchkin Booty earlier in the year when Tin Soldier in the city closed down and had been meaning to pick it up for some time now. We were in Chatswood today and so I went to look at Games Chain who stock a great range of boardgames, card games and roleplay games. I wasn't really going there to buy anything but I saw it and thought I may as well as I have just been paid and then I saw the gem next to it. Sold!

One of the cool things about the Munchkin series is you can mix the series together. Zombie Pirates anyone?? I'm looking to get the Munchkin Cthulhu series next... *evil grin*

Anyone else a Munchkin fan? I've only played it the once before at a friend's place and loved it. Which is your favourite series? Leave a comment and let me know.


  1. yay for the Munchkin love

    I heartily recommend downloading Epic Munchkin (or finding a copy, if you can)

    And Super Munchkin, to link all your boxes up

  2. Yeah I'll definately be getting a free download. Win!

    So Super Munchkin links them up? I thought you just mixed them in...