Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hey bloggers,

No that isn't a reference to our favourite greenskins heading off to conquer a new galaxy, it's the noise I'm currently making with all that's been going on lately! I went to put a post up the other day but blogger was down so apologies for that missed post but wow what a week its been.

On the home front I've been tidying/organising my hobby lair/study which has made my girlfriend somewhat happier. I don't have any images for you yet as it's still a work in progress but after quite a few trips to IKEA I have pretty much all the shelving I could need (well fit into the room to be precise). Once I have the desk cleared I will have to start looking for some paint storage/display options. Does anyone have a system they like or can recommend? I don't want them in a case as I think that will be harder whilst I'm in the middle of a painting frenzy to stop and swap colours, esp with the addition of non Gw paints with which I'm not fully used to yet. Please comment away!

I actually put some paint to model the Friday before last! I'll tell you it's been a while but man was it good to get back on that bike, shaky as I was. As such I worked on painting up my Tandarians as there are plenty of guardsmen who need some love but don't require the level I will put into my marines or other more elite armies, well elite compared to guard infantry.

We have Forgeworld Chaos Dwarfs coming our way and damn do they look nice. Some really great ideas and models there. I love the inscriptions on the inside of their shoulder pads and the totem on top of their standard bearer. New Dark Eldar were released but without the uber fliers we were expecting. That's cool, just another nice mini to await release. Damn it's looking more and more like I'll need to collect Dark Eldar. That's something I might do when I'm sent North for six months at the end of the year and beginning of next (don't worry, it's for work not an exile imposed by my missus). Since I will be away from all my hobby mates and hobby supplies and minis I figured I might start a totally new army which I don't need anything else for. So pretty much nothing Imperial really, or in power armour. Not that I'm not looking for some new Northern Hobby mates when that time comes!

Maelstrom Games has their new sales restraints imposed in a few short weeks which I will be away for whilst it happens. Not that I won't still support them through their other systems but after losing Flames of War and Gw it's really limiting what I can get from them.

Finally Finecast has come. This will be a talking point for sometime I'm sure especially since the speed between the announcement of such a major change in such a casual manner hasn't given everyone enough time to digest how this will affect things. Most people are probably just looking at what they buy as now being resin rather than metal. sure it'll be lighter and easier to cut but will it be brittle? If I drop my Wood Elf Dragon is it more likely to shatter or to loose the tips of its horns than the metal one? How are Gw staff going to teach Timmy Ten-year-old hold to build his new character when he hasn't built any himself? Is it safe to? So can we work on Forgeworld and other resin pieces in-store now? Do we all need to wear dust masks when in store working on our new models?

I'm sure you can see some of the implications of these sorts of questions and the big shift in how the stores are currently run to allow for this new material. And if it is a wonder hybrid of plastic and resin how do we work with it? Glue it? Will it melt whilst filing? Will it jump down our lungs and murder us as soon as look at it? (I'm sure it won't but that's how some stores treated Forgeworld when it was starting to appear at their hobby tables) And I'm sure for many others this won't spell the end of metal models. I have a back log of Gw metal models like you wouldn't believe, not just a whole host of characters and elite units but Vostroyans, Steel Legion, Praetorians and Sisters of Battle. Then there are the other companies that make pretty toys which I collect, more casually sure but there isn't a model made for Incursion that I won't buy at least twice (and have already done so or plan to do)!

Alot of stuff going on and still mulling over what has just happened, but the first thing I'll be doing is thinking if there is anything I need from Maelstrom.

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