Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Charities and layout

Hey bloggers,

I've been out at a RAAF base today re-qualifying for the Austeyr and have had a pretty good day. I just wanted to bring your attention to some of the changes to the blog's layout. I'm still tinkering away with it and any feedback is more than welcome, just leave it in the comments. But I ask that you check out two charity projects LiveStrong Wargaming Project run through Miniature Wargame Conversions who are also running Pay it Forward where there is a Forgeworld Mars Pattern Warhound Titan to be won!

This is the same LiveStrong endorsed by Lance Armstrong and looks at helping those affected by cancer. One of the great things about this project is that anyone can get involved! Big or small, everything helps and it's simple to get involved. Just sell any unwanted hobby or make a special piece and sell it through eBay's Giving Works with the proceeds of those sales going to LiveStrong. There's already the first piece going up on eBay over at Red Corps Red Scorpions page. Check out the links and you'll quickly get how it works and how this can be really easy to join in. Heck just bid on and buy an item and you're helping out!

And The Heroes of Armageddon Collaborative Army Build brought to you by the guys who were responsible for the Storm Wardens Collaborative Army Build. The Storm Warden Army Project produced an amazing looking army with a whole host of customised accessories and giveaways along the way including the art for the project. It had an amazing level of support from some of our favourite online hobby stores and raised an astounding $16,107 for Doctors without Borders. This time is no different except that they have four armies underway for the project! The earlier you get involved the more draws and chances to win you have. Definitely something to keep an eye on with that much hobby happening, especially considering the number and type of accessories. They had stuff I didn't even know I wanted until I saw it! They already have custom dice made up.

These charity projects show just how amazing our community can be and by giving you end up with awesome hobby. Check out those links and have a think if you've got something to give or if there's a model or army out there that you want.

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