Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Frodo and Sam's Adventures in the Shire

It was just Alec and I instore today when the "mystery box" arrived.
We opened the plain looking box labelled "Frodo and Sam's Adventures in the Shire" and low and behold it was clearly a trick!! It was Space Hulk! (apparently Hurstville got "Squat Army Deal")

So Alec and I spent the afternoon building them all and let me say I'm impressed!!
There is one termie who has just ripped the skull and spine off of a genestealer and is dead hard!!
Some of them are missing the glass in the eye as it has been slashed.
There is an INSANE amount of detail on these model. Seriously. Wow.

Of course the first model I built was Mr Pointy.... !!
I knew I had to after talking with you guys....

Any questions, ask away.

ps... i pre ordered three.

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