Sunday, June 22, 2008

First Schedule: Monday 30th - Sunday 6th - Week 1

So its Sunday.
So sue me!

After the weekend from hell Im a little behind what I had planned to get done and this week I will need to finish some uni work.


I have 3 Grey Knights built, based and undercoated.
I want to do the same for the justicar and one more marine to round out the squad.

Then I'm going to pick up some more paints and get started on working out my painting scheme.
Ill be taking a HEAP of inspiration from
MiniVault has some of the Best minis I have ever seen and a heap of inspiration for the painting and colour schemes.

The Inquisitorial Strom Troopers are very similar to my colour scheme as are the SoB.
After the Grey Knights I will assemble, base and undercoat 3 Inquisitorial Strom Troopers so I have a unit of 5 (adding to the 2 I have already done) and paint them up.
One is currently half painted as my test model.

Unfortunately this week seems to be a write off so.......

Starting Monday 30th - Sunday 6th - Week 1

I will clean up and assemble 2 Grey Knights, Base them and Undercoat them
Build 3 bases for the Storm Troopers (takes longer than you think!)
Buy Paints for Grey Knights
Start (and hopefully finish) the test colour marine

Draft Monday 7th - Sunday 13th - Week 2

Finish Test color Marine
Clean up and Assemble 3 Storm Troopers, base and Undercoat
Finish Test Colour Storm Trooper
Start (and hopefully finish) painting 1 extra Marine and 1 extra Storm Trooper

Ill try and put up some pictures later on this week of what I am starting with, Otherwise I will definitely take some pictures whilst Im working on them during week 1 and post them up.

If I am unable to get a jump start on Week 1 then I will make a post part way into week 1 to comment on progress, some photos and then a post at the end of week 1/preparing for week 2!


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  1. Those photos you linked to are very cool! I must admit, I look forward to seeing what you can do :D

    Love the setup of your blog, looks awesome!