Wednesday, July 2, 2008

First Schedule - Update

So today I'm trying to finish off my uni work as I have (hopefully) the last meeting tomorrow!!

So no hobby done as of yet.... :(


I've picked up a number of paints the other day specifically for the grey knights, which should almost eliminate any need for blending and mixing colours! I'm really quite excited to get into it all! But ill need to wait for Friday to get it happening. Then hopefully I can work on it Sat and Sun also.

So lets have a look at that schedule!
Starting Monday 30th - Sunday 6th - Week 1

I will clean up and assemble 2 Grey Knights, Base them and Undercoat them
Build 3 bases for the Storm Troopers (takes longer than you think!)
Buy Paints for Grey Knights - Done!
Start (and hopefully finish) the test colour marine

So it could be said I'm a quarter done....?
But it looks like there could be a delay in the undercoating of my minis as I have just discovered this

I have to say I am VERY intrigued, So I think I'll try and pick up a bottle of it from Hobbyco on thursday and do a test model or two to see how it turns out but if its all true! Wow!

I have already undercoated 3 Grey Knights, which will need some touch up still so I can at least get moving with the test paint scheme whilst I'm trying to find it/experimenting with it so it hopefully won't put me too far behind the 8-ball.

Next post I'll put up some photos, but I'm not sure how great they'll be...


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