Sunday, November 22, 2009

2010 Games Day Miniature

Wow!! I think this might be my new favourite model!!!
The face is amazing. I need this model!! I'll just have to wait until next October though.....


  1. I quite like it myself. I had a double take at the arm holding the book. The unscathed glove with the ring is cool too, it permits the idea that it is some magic artifact which is why it is not damaged, or it is the source of his power.

    What was your previous favourite model? :P

  2. Don't think I really had one. I was just so taken aback by the sculpt job on his face. I haven't liked a "Games Day" model this much since the Wolf Priest one!

  3. Ive got it and its a angel to paint, and If I ever start a beastmen army, this will be some sort of hero or lord as it's looks so badass.

    I just hope they make a vampire count model next year, and pray they dont make a lord of the rings one,