Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Finished Skaven Clanrats

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay in posts but due to computer issues and final assessments for university I haven't been able to post for some time. To keep you all interested here are some images of the Skaven Clanrats that myself and some other customers were able to paint for our local Gw.

These models are so easy to put together and almost no consideration needs to be taken about how they will rank up as they do so very easily now they have their tails included and raised upwards. They are so detailed that we only needed to give the models a basecoat with foundation colours and a wash, then we picked out a few details like the teeth and eyes and they were done! The colour of the photos are a bit off as the grasses we used on the bases were dead grass, burnt grass with a little of the standard grass on just the movement tray.

I was really excited to get to paint these models as practise for my own army and for just the fun of making a cool looking unit whilst having a few laughs with mates instore!
When I get a chance to take some individual photos of some of the rats I painted I will put up their colour recipe.


  1. Man they are sweet models. Kudos on the paint job too, really digging the dark red and grimy metals.

  2. What was the wash mix you used for the silver???
    Looks RAD! =]
    Gotta love them seedy lil' rat-men =P

  3. Thanks guys! They were just for the store so they would have been one of the quickest units I've ever busted out and I'm quite happy with how they turned out!

    Yeah, you've got to have grimy and dirty skaven. They live underground!!

    I used a number of different washes to create a bit more variation in the unit (plus experimentation and accidents :P )

    So the washes were:
    Badab Black
    Devlin Mud
    Wonder Wash (50/50 Badab and Devlin)
    Devlin, once dry a heavy Badab wash.

    None of them were all too precise as we were painting them as a bit of a group and kept going over things or touching up each others work, so the washes were all fairly liberal and a few times we retouched with a different wash or in a particular place...

  4. Just wait til you see the doomwheel I have been painting up!!

  5. looks awesome, hobby high five!!! if only it was your own unit though!!! would have been one step closer to finishing your army :)

  6. Unfortunately not how the world always works :)

    I used it as a project to get myself back into painting again so once it comes time to paint the marines I'm able to paint them to a level with which I am happy!

    I've since then painted anything I can to get the brush skills happening after the enforced break by uni so my confidence is there to paint my 4th Co. and to try new things I may not have otherwise! (That's how I found their colour scheme afterall)